What do people have to know about contests and how to get sponsored?


What do people have to know about contests, being qualified for contests and being sponsored for contests?
Things we will talk about are if there are any tricks you have to know, and what the qualifications for contests and sponsorship.

Also what type of personalities do people look for in players?

I don’t think you need to know master level trick for sponsorship but you have to be consistent with landing on the strings and have to make your moves look smooth and gust plan awesome, also you need to put you own spin on things and not to copy thing from other players and just try to find the yoyo that fits you and your style of play?


I can’t speak about sponsorships.

Regarding contests, some contests have preliminary rounds. You are still performing to the masses, but if you can get through this level or at least place respectfully(Top10 or better in my opinion), then you’re ready for contests. BUT, even if you can’t get through to the final round, see where you placed, understand why you placed there and just work harder at it. If you already feel confident enough to compete, then go for it. Worse case is you just don’t do so well and you chalk up your loss as a learning experience for the next contest.

Regarding sponsorships, I have no comment. Brett Grimes on his YouTube channel has a WONDERFUL video on this topic. It’s well worth the view.


If you’re throwing for sponsorship, youre throwing for the wrong reason. Even if you are lucky enough to get sponsored, it’s not about free stuff or having a reputation. It’s about giving the company you love a good name.

Competing - no specific tricks you have to know. No tricks are required for competing.


I may be wrong about this but as far as I know there are no qualifications to enter a contest, you just need money to compete, hehe. I know that if you win certian contests, like nationals, then you don’t have to do prelims in worlds or the next year nationals.

The only reason that you would NEED to know certian tricks (or it would be a good idea if you knew them) is for a track ladder if you were going to do that witch is just going down a list of tricks that you are asked to perform in whatever order you choose.


I agree. As I improve, I am noticing elements of tricks I know being incorporated into combos, and in some cases entire tricks. I would say the more you know, the better one can compete.

The only time you must absolutely know tricks is the trick ladder.

The more I learn, the more videos I watch and learn from. I see more, I know more. This sort of things reminds me of when I got into audio again except this is visual not audible.


The company will see you for your personality, and your skill. But asking and yoyoing for a sponsorship will get you nowhere. Yoyo for fun. And put yourself out there.

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after being sponsored from dti and mfd ive learned maturity definitively is a factor i quit my sponsor today just to be more free. it comes with alot of responsiablities that a teenager just doesnt need. As far as getting sponsored if you dont bring anything different to the table its not gunna happen. if your just not inovative or coatailling off other people your getting knowhere.


thank you for your comment but I throw because i love to. I don’t even care if i were to win or lose I just want to develop a passion for it and learn new tricks and styles from other players.


thank you for your comment if you could try to find or make a how to video on “track ladder” for the other readers that may not know this trick already.


thank you for your comment if you could try to find or make a how to video on the trick.


thank you for your comment and your completely right and if you could try to find or make a how to video on the trick so people how don’t know it could learn it too.


your completely right but i have noticed some people don’t know how to put them selves out there. Do you have any advice for them.


This should answer all your questions:


I would like to be part of the pro staff of a company. Pro as in promotional, not professional. Sure I’d like to get free or discounted stuff but I also like to help out people when I can. Plus I love stickers! I know I’ll probably never get sponsored in yoyoing and if I do it would probably be to promote string or something small(no offense to all those awesome string makers) but I know its not all glory. It’s just like a part time job IMO


listen to this person


thank you for you comment and for sharing you thoughts and experiences!


I think its just about not just wanting free yoyos from that company. I think its more about just having fun and competing and if your lucky, you will get sponsored.


your right I hope that people don’t try to get sponsored gust to get free stuff.


I might accept a sponsorship if it is from duncan or spyy or someone like that. But to be sponsored by someone comes with so many restrictions.


Like you can use other company yoyos OUTSIDE of contests, but you have to use that companies yoyos when you compete, right?