I'm a good yo-yo-er (and so is my friend zippo074)!!!!!!

Okay, so I’ve been YoYoing for four months and I’ve made ALOT of progress in those last few months. I would REALLY like to be sponsored by a team! here are the list of tricks i can do.
Beginner: all
Intermediate: all
Advanced: most
Expert: most
and Master: white Buddha and Yuuki slack.

I’d be glad to be on any team, and i would do anything to get on a team!

Msg me if you have an offer!

There are more tricks than yye you know and this is not how you get sponsered.


I do realize that and im going to learn all tricks on yoyoexpert in the next week, but how would I get to be sponsered

Yoyoing is about having fun, not sponsorships. Sponsorships are just a perk to it I guess. Enjoy throwing your Yo and the rest will fall into place in time. You have only been throwing for 4 months, it’s not worth worrying about right now.


dude dont wory about being sponsered
yoyoing is about having fun
if a company YOU LIKE asks to sponser you then accept

dude you ninja!

HAYA!!! :smiley:

You are truly not good yoyoist when it comes to soul, young padowan.

To be sponsered you must have the heart and soul of a yoyoist.You are just intrested in money,my friend.If you want to unleash your inner potential.Practice,know your yoyo’s and most of all love yoyoing.

Feel your inner yoyo spirit.That ENJOYS yoyoing, not for money but for self enjoyment.

Wow…and that’s coming from a 1 week yoyoist. :wink:

youre totally not getting sponsored after this thread

Oh cold

sorry :-\

Not trying to burst your bubble but noone is gonna sponser you if your asking for it.Just yoyo.Truthfully your not good enough to be sponsered…well you are but there are alot of people that are way better than you and they arent sponsered so keep yoing and dont stop and get your self recognized but dont ask for it.


I thank all your replys (except the last one) I will wait to see what the future brings to me!


The tricks you can do really have nothing to do with being sponsored…


Double Pwned.

Do we have a triple anywhere?

and other people like anthony rojas, who im pretty sure is not sponsored, is not sponsored, by the way do you know ninja vanish?

Well technically Liz has a point. Don’t ask for something you have to earn it and in the end you will probabally will get sponsered but don’t look to the future right is a gift that is why they call it the present.

No, Rojas is sponsored. By Recrev.

And sorry, I didn’t mean it in a bad way. Well… I kinda did. And it’s kinda true. I’m just being blunt about it.