i really want a sponsorship… but not all for the yoyos and free stuff. i want to teach people and be known for what i do. i want to help promote the hobby and support the company as best as i can at the same time. i would love to be a part of the yoyofactory team. they make the best yoyos by far in my opinion. i really want to expand the yoyo community. i already made yoyofactory a couple hundred bucks lol… i started yoyoing with a dv888(w/ a konkave ceramic bearing) and everyone just had to get a yoyo. i got at least 70 txt messages asking what yoyos they should buy for skill level and price. a ton of people got dv888s yuukstas g funks grind machines protostars whips everyone in my school got all yoyofactory yoyos. not that i dont like other companies, i really do like some others, but i just favor YYF. (anyway even my two little brothers and sisters got the whip. the two boys are 9 and 5 and my little sister is 3) i love cutting the string the perfect size for them its so short hahah.) i just want to expand the yoyo community, get to know everyone in the community while promoting the companie’s products and having fun at the same time. :slight_smile:

(oh and im a “master” according to yoyoexpert. i learned a ton of other tricks from other sites too. and a few other combos and tricks of my own.)

and if u want to learn some awesome flashy tricks go to rethinkyoyo’s tutorials on youtube. kyle vegh demonstrates. they are really good tricks and tutorials from beginner to pro, for everyone :smiley:

Well your chances just went down a bit. Don’t ask for one, your on your way! :wink:

with what you want to do, you don’t want a sponsorship, you want a blog and/or a club. I do exactly that, promote yoyoing, I’m known for what I do, I have a blog, I film tutorials etc…

from what I know, if you want to get in YYF team, one way is to win or be competitive in (a) major contest(s)

for the blog, I attend major european meetings, do interviews with players or manufacturers. trust me, you want a blog because I have a blog and do just exactly what you want. I’m not even good at yoyoing!

go for it!

Never ask.
No matter how much you may think you are qualified, no matter how much you have done or are going to do, no matter how much rep and hype you have, its still up to the company. and by doing what you just did, you dropped your chances big time.
I know.

Dont try to be sponsored. Its like trying to hug a wolf. Dont go trying to find a wolf and hug it, that will hurt you. Let the wolf come to you and hug you. then all is well.



First step to getting sponsored: Don’t ask to be sponsored.

Second Step to getting sponsored: Don’t get sponsored.

Third Step to being sponsored: Create your own company.

First step to being awesome: refuse sponsorship.

Wise words. Just listwn to this. Plus even though I stink I wouldn’t accept a sponsorship depending on the company because it restricts you. But maybe a few companies

Let me say this. If you want to promote yoyoing then do it.
If you want to be teach others how to yoyo then do it.
If you want to be known then do the first two things mentioned a LOT! Make vids and tutorials.
There is no other way to be known than to get there with hard work.


I’m not in this for “fame and fortune”. I’m in this for fun and recreation, sharing and enjoy it with others. I’m now being presented with opportunities to meet more players and step up within the regional community. I think that while my yoyo skills suck, it’s what I bring to the table more than makes up for it.

Don’t sit around. DO. Get up. Make it happen.

If you want to get sponsored, like everyone else said, if they think you’re good enough, they will ask you. Also, go to a lot of contests, and if you can’t make it to contests, then start up a youtube channel, and use that companies yoyo’s, and get tons of views. Make tutorials, make combo videos, just do what you love to do, and MAYBE you’ll get a sponsorship, but heck, even if you don’t, you’re stilling doing what you love, and helping others. I mean, a lot of people want to make the NFL, or NBA, but don’t make it to the pro’s, yet they still love to play. Just keep doing what you’re doing, and start getting more active in the community. Good luck!

There is no need to use any certain companies yoyo’s when trying to get sponsored. They look at your skill and personality and not the yoyo you are using.

For me, being part of the yoyo community is enough, because it is a great cominity to be part of. Everyone shares ideas teaches each other things and help. It is like a really really big family ware we all help each other. I try to contribute by filming yoyo stuff with my friends. I have already spread it in my community.

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When yoyofactory started (what was it, like 8 years ago) the concept of team is something we couldn’t manage, after all it was just 2 of us and we spent our time hand cutting paper caps and assembling yoyos. As we grew and a focus was put on performance yoyos we decided we wanted to make the best, so we decided on a contest team, with a specific goal of competing and performing at contests around the world. Later this year we plan to take it to the next level, assembling and mobilizing the most important people in yoyo, the players with a passion, and giving them the opportunity to share their passion, just like we aimed to do from the start.
Nothing to do with contest results or videos, we look forward to welcoming you to the team.

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After winning a contest on Facebook from another yoyo store(owned by 2003 world champ) I got a free Dang and thought wow this is awesome. I need to thank this guy. So I sent him a message and asked him if I could advertise his store when people ask me where I get my stuff and things like that. He said it would be great and is sending me a company shirt. Is it a sponsorship? Maybe not, but I feel like now I have some sort of support. I’ll try to do my best to help out that store because the owner was awesome to me(not taking all my business from YYE though) and who knows maybe just wearing the shirt will help me get recognized. I yoyo a lot in public places so I hope I’ll help out at least 0.1%. That’s what y goal really is, maybe more but for now no real ties and I get some stickers, a shirt and a chance to advertise a brand.

I like the advice above, because it encourages you to be the one others want to work with, not the other way around. Hmmm… Music is my first love, and this sounds like when an independent music artist signs with a major record label. Everyone wants to get signed, and be known, but after they sign, they realize there is more involved than just the fun of it…it becomes BUSINESS. Business can take the fun out of things real quick. You don’t want to get signed so bad that you take the first offer that comes along. You want to be choosey, and if a company is doing things that suit you and your goals, so be it. Otherwise, you are better off making progress on your own, and creating your own brand. It may take longer, but what’s the rush?

good to know ben, good to know ^^

These are great aspirations and require no sponsorship at all. Start a club, make tutorials, do presentations, volunteer at hospitals, schools, oranizations, parties. I’d suggest you focus your energy here.

Sometimes turning what you love into a responsiblity changes everything. Sponsorships can be incredible experiences but come with demands that aren’t always obvious at first glance.

Yeah just like other people said:

Don’t asked to be sponsored, enter a lot of contests, and start a youtube channel. And this will help to:

If you enter contests(e.g. worlds, nationals, etc.) or another big contests, smaller manufacturers will notice you and you will get sponsored. People usually go on that manufacturers website and look at the new people who join. They will look you up on youtube and they will see how good you are. Later on more manufactures look at you and ask you to be on their team. Soon people will start to say,"Oh that’s the guy who is sponsored by CLYW or maybe One Drop. Then YYF will look at you and they might want you to be on their team.

What I am trying to say is that a sponsorship leads into more sponsorships, then the company you want to get sponsored by sees you on youtube or at worlds or something, then maybe something will happen.
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good advice.