Can anyone tell me how one gets sponseored?

I really want to get sponsored so all my yoyo expenses are payed for

Don’t ever ask for it.

Pay your dues and respect the pillars of the community.

Don’t make being sponsored your only goal in the game.

Become a pillar in the community.


Don’t ever ask for it.

Be good hearted.

Spread the hobby like it was the cold.

Make sure you make friends in the hobby.

Don’t ever ask for it.

Make a name for yourself before you make a name for a company.

Don’t ever ask for it.

Understand that every day of the week, there is someone more deserving of it than you. embrace it.

Don’t. Ever. Ask. For. It.

Don’t accept a friggin’ sponsorship from a company you don’t love. Don’t do it to go to more contests, don’t do it to get your friddin’ expenses paid, don’t do it to get free stuff. Do it because you love the company, and have a plan to advance them.



Alternatively, win Worlds.

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How about you get good and start going to competitions so companies know your there.

These types of threads always amuse me. It’s hilarious when people no one has ever heard of ask to be sponsored. Win a few big contests (or come extremely close), get some videos out there that don’t suck (yoyoing wise and production wise), and be a good member of the community and maybe someone might think about sponsoring you.

But, the number one rule is don’t let your goal be getting sponsored… don’t go to the companies, let the companies come to you. If your goal is to get picked up by a company, especially for the purposes of getting your yoyo expenses paid for (which many don’t even do by the way) you’ve got a lot of work to do and I can 100% guarantee you that you won’t be getting sponsored at all.

Well the best way to get sponsored:

Go to a contest and get noticed.

It is also good to understand that getting sponsored is a responsibility. Anytime you add responsibility to your hobby, it has a good chance to tainting your hobby in a way that you might not understand until that pressure is there.



You should only ever get sponsored to get that paper, kid!

If you are worthy of getting sponsored, you wouldn’t ask that question.

get that paper kid! Summit documentary

Jensen is hilarious. I would just enjoy yoyoing for what it is: playing with a toy:P


“what does every kid need?”
Lol, Jensen’s awesome ;D

he replied with this, i didnt ask how to get sponsored, but he posted this.
"I have seen that the case is:
If you want sponsorship and are asking for it, the odds are you’re not going to get it.

You want to be sponsored?

Practice. Get better. Improve. Constantly push yourself. Be self-motivated to improve.

Love what you’re doing. If you don’t, it will show.

Compete. It helps but it isn’t necessary. It does help a lot. If you don’t attend, find ways to attend events where you’ll be seen by the right people. Contests are good ways to do this. My son is already starting to get eyes on him from 3 companies as someone with serious potential. However, his desire to compete or not will come from him as I will not push him to compete. I will say that he will be at Nationals with me and he won’t be competing, but he will be playing.

Videos. Make GOOD videos.

Help others. Share your knowledge.

Know who you want to be sponsored by. Have some alternates in mind. If there’s a company you don’t want to be sponsored by, know that too.

As crazy as it sounds, I’ve been offering sponsorships from smaller companies. I’ve turned down these offers, mostly because I don’t feel like dealing with any restrictions. Plus, consider this: I will not ever compete in any way and I ain’t gonna make videos. I do a lot of the other things. If I like what I use, I talk highly of it. If I don’t like something, I get quiet about it. However, with so many yoyos that I have, I can’t be vocal about everything.

About the only sponsorships I could accept would be string companies, but even so, it would merely be symbolic as I’d still buy the strings because I’m supporting small business. The other option would be a store that allows me to use whatever the heck I want to use.

So, that narrows things down to three stores that could sponsor me, and 2 string companies. These are all places I purchase from and like their products. Sponsoring me doesn’t benefit them.

I like being a “free agent”.

For me, it’s not about getting sponsored. It’s about the enjoyment is brings me. I won’t let anything get in the way of that."
its long.

or win worlds :wink:

I don’t focus on getting sponsored. It means nothing to me other than more contests I can’t win and only certain yoyos.

And learn how to do a one-handed push-up with the behind the head trapeze

Literally agreed out loud when I read these. It’s important to understand the responsibilities that come with sponsorship as well.

Ask yourself : “Can I represent this company effectively?” “Am I prepared to carry on the duties associated with sponsorship?”