Where and how can i get sponsored?

Hey guys my name is Tate. I’ve been yo-yoing for almost a year and a half now, and my friend who has only been yo-yoing for about 10 months has somehow beaten me in the first stage of a video contest for sponsoring by yoyozeekio. I was wondering if anyone knew of other ways to get sponsored. I’m honestly very eager to get sponsored because I will finally be able to be part of a team. Can somebody please help me?

Get good. Promote yourself online with killer videos showcasing your talents, or show up and do well in major contests. Wait for yo-yo companies to notice you and offer you sponsorship.

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Get better.

the question “what do i have to do ?” is the wrong question to ask.

You have to offer something valuable that someone is willing to buy.

But to start i would recomment to give something to the community. go and participate in contest or/and start your own club/team and become recognized somehow

Get good, get recognized, and stop trying to get sponsored without working for it. Promote the company you want, but don’t go around asking random companies as to look desperate. Just work hard to get good and then when a company recognizes that you’re worth something to them, they will start following you to a certain point as to ask you to be sponsored. At 1 1/2 years you have a LONG way to go. Don’t compare yourself to your friend, and don’t fabricate a “race to sponsorship” in your mind.

Work hard, get good, then get sponsored.

If you make sponsorship the main reason to yoyo, then you are going to forget the reason you started. Most people don’t get sponsored under 3 years of throwing, though there are a few exceptions. Look at the current sponsored players on any team; hardly any of them only are known for one thing. For example, a lot of the clyw team is made up of people who do photography, go to contests, and have lots of instagram followers. The more things like this you can do, the more valuable you are to a company. Something else you might notice is that people who routinely make awesome videos and get on yoyonews get noticed quickly. Look at dennis ciquegrani for example. Just about a year after one of his videos got featured on yoyonews, he got sponsored by clyw. Not saying this is the key to getting sponsored, but it definitely played a role in him getting noticed. You can also pump out crazy instagram tricks often, which will also get you noticed as you gain more followers. There are a ton of ways you can be valuable to a company, you just cant let it eat you up if you don’t getting sponsored when you hope. Dont worry about the zeekio thing, that is a really nontraditional way of sponsoring people and seems to me like it is being used to get more people interested in the brand.

All the people on the forum can write long posts buy outcome or the moral is going to same as it is the truth.

If you are near a contest go there no matter what position you get you’ll have fun.

Other wise fill up the instagram.com. YouTube with tricks or talking about you favourite company.

Let’s say you play some any other sports basket ball cricket football tennis you don’t play these to get in the teams national or domestic you play to have fun same goes with yoyoing it’s also a sport.

Now I wrote this post but outcome or moral is the same.

Have fun, go to contest, post vids.


I could have posted a wall of text here saying that basically if the motive of your yoyoing is to be sponsored, then you’re doing it wrong. Well, technically it’s not wrong per se, but it isn’t like what some say “passion” anymore, if it’s just for a mere bragging rights, fame, or getting “free” stuff.
First ask yourself, why do you yoyo in the first place?
Not getting sponsored does NOT mean you are more “noob” or whatever you think that lower your dignity, don’t let that fool you.

You are not less of a yoyoer simply because you aren’t sponsored.

Having said that, these are the things that you should consider before taking ANY sponsorship:
Do you ABSOLUTELY LOVE the brand?
Are you sure with the answer?
Getting sponsored does not mean getting free stuff, giveaway is free, sponsorship isn’t, you have to do something for the company, either promoting it by going to contests, posting videos, etc, some can be a hassle than what it’s worth mind you, it depends on the company itself. I have seen many people I know personally who are proud to get sponsored, but they have to pay the international shipping for the sponsor package which I think is ridiculous since they could’ve counted as buying the yoyo for a discount, having to make annual videos something, having to “lie” about the product like saying it’s your favorite yoyo or something (of course the company don’t specifically tell you to lie, but if you don’t love the product but you say it’s your favorite, it’s obvious), things like that. If you don’t absolutely love the company, just avoid it at all cost.
And then after all that hassle, is it worth it?
Maybe if you’re having monetary problems and you don’t mind using any yoyo, then getting sponsored might be worth it.
Negative points aside, if it’s your beloved company and you can fit in with the team member, you’ll have a really good time.

Well I wrote the wall of text anyway, my bad.

And to answer the actual question, make yourself noteworthy, if you own a company, will you sponsor you? why or why not? Generally the better or well known you are, the more chance for a company to take interest in you. Help organize contests, make tutorials, be active and helpful in the community, things like that.

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I think there are some good answers in here. But, I think you should also find something you sincerely “like” first. I think that people have to know you’re really good, who you are, and be “tuned in” to what you’re up to. But, if you’re not passionate about promoting something specific, there will be a missing link. So, you have to show people what you like.

If there is a manufacturer or retailer that you really think does a good job, go ahead and start promoting them now. You can promote them with, or without, their stamp of approval. It’s better to have their stamp of approval, but I think the time is now, to go ahead and show them how powerful your brand of promotion is, and how it can help them. As long as you’re good at what you do, and people are watching you, it’s okay to start. I see it done on this board on a regular basis, just on a smaller scale.

If you’re doing a good job, the company will probably notice you anyway. You could do whatever you want, and be “sponsored by anyone at all,” just for the sake of being sponsored. But I think it always shows through when someone is really excited about the company they represent. I, personally, would prefer to choose the company, and not let some company choose me.

  1. Be extremely good at what you do;
  2. Make sure people are tuned in (followers, likes, site traffic…whatever);
  3. Be passionate about what you like and target it;
  4. If you’ve done all of the above, start now.

Good luck.

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If you are good doesn’t mean you are sponsored. If you are sponsored doesn’t mean you are good. Ricco norris.

Slow clap.


^ I somewhat agree with that statement, but not completely. If someone sponsors you, they definitely think you’re “good” at something. You may be good at playing yo-yo, good at entertaining people, good at promoting things, good at reviewing, good at making videos, good at teaching, good at something. I don’t think a company would sponsor someone they didn’t think was “good” at what they do.

“Good” is an opinion, and while we may individually agree or disagree, the opinion that matters to a sponsor is their own opinion of what you can bring to the table for their brand. So I agree on an individual level, but as it relates to the masses, I know my personal opinion of a company’s decision really doesn’t even matter.

Everyone sponsored is “good” by at least some standard (set by the company). And, that’s the only one that really matters anyway.


Just do what you do with yoyoing. Enjoy yourself. Make videos and get people to know you really well than just wait and pray that someday. Somehow. They’ll contact you for a sponsor. Until then just enjoy yourself.

Yes you are saying right but I can name dozen of people related with yoyoing are not sponsored and should be.

I can totally relate it with cricket system in my country you can be as the most talented person but most times you don’t even end the international team.

That’s because a team can have 20 or near player’s In a cricket team.

And if somebody plays a long career in cricket an almost same talented player will miss.

Here’s an example Rahul dravid one of the best players in world cricket and amol muzumdar was same talented as Rahul dravid but Rahul and amol was same kind d of players couldn’t be in the team.

So till the time Rahul was retired Amols career was over because of his age and new players Coming up.

So it doesn’t mean amol wasn’t talented he didn’t got an opportunity.

Now if you rad that much about cricket on an yoyo forum I think you love cricket.

Now on to yoyoing.

A player is as talented as some but he’s not near contest that a missed talented player.

Or a company has full the limit of players in their team so that’s another talent missed.

Or a person is a talented 2a player not many companies hire 2a players.

So In the end ricco norris is right.


General rule I’ve noticed in the world of yoyo.
If you seek, you will not find.
If you ask, you will not receive.

Don’t yoyo to get sponsored- yoyo because you love it. A sponsorship just happens to be a consequence of that love.

Very interesting. There are definitely some very talented players that are not sponsored, I’d agree with you on that one. But, I bet there might be some good reasons why they are not sponsored too.

  1. They don’t want a sponsor;
  2. They are choosy about a sponsor, and they have turned down opportunities;
  3. They are talented, but they don’t promote themselves well;
  4. They are difficult to work with;
  5. Life got in their way (college, work, family obligations, medical problems).
  6. They play a style well, that hardly anyone cares about.

I guess I could go on and on. But, just because a talented player is not sponsored, doesn’t mean we should make any presumptions about why they don’t currently have a sponsor. It may be the player that is the issue, not the yo-yo companies. Their issues, or reasons they are not sponsored, may have nothing to do with their talent.

Yeah good points especially on styles.