If you were sponsored

So if you could, right now, become sponsored by any yoyo company, who would it be and why?

I don’t know if this topic already exists. If it does, I’m sorry for cluttering up the forums!


I like all Yoyo companies so whichever one comes my way I would be happy to work with just as long as I like their yoyos. (which I’m not picky in yoyos soooo)

Probably yyf since I’m really only familiar with their throws and I wouldn’t have learned about modern yoyoing if it weren’t for their team.

I wouldn’t really like to be sponsored. I play fixed axle and offstring. I don’t go to many yoyo contest and when I do I suck and score low. But to the real question I would like to be sponsored by Squarewheels because their new fixed axle yoyo also I like to play ofstring with a metal yoyo. I lost 6 yoyos to offstring.

^ There are some sponsored players who do not compete at all, or prefer to play fixed axle, so you might qualify. :wink:

For me, YoyoExpert/YoyoFactory simultaneously, because they do not conflict. It’s easy to promote what you already support. That would be too easy!

where is the missing link anyways? still not out?

Yep still waiting…

CLYW because I love there yoyo’s and they always do something unique with there products and I might get to but I hear he’s pretty shy and he might eat me but it would still be fun to b on CLYW’s team but… Since that is wishful thinking to get sponsored bye them at my skill level I would settle for any company that has a fun team and has yoyo’s that I like.

dunno if they accually started to sponsor ppl or not

Whatever company makes those hyper 2000 flashing light up plastic yoyos with a brain clutch.
:stuck_out_tongue: hehehe

If they don’t compete then wouldn’t it be paid representatives/employee rather than sponsored?

Tenyoyo… i know a few of the team and those who i have met have been some of the best people inthe community… after all who doesnt want to rep a yoyo that was model to take a drink outta.

I’d say yoyoexpert (if that counts) cause I wouldn’t be forced to play any single company’s yoyos. I could just be up on the stage messing up with whatever yoyo I want lol

SPYY! Because that would mean they came back to make more great yoyos. :wink:

But seriously… I love so many different companies. This would be a tough one for me.

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Has YYE ever sponsored anybody? I would love to be sponsored by them ;D ::slight_smile:

Well they sponsor me/yoyomuseum but I guess that’s closer to contest sponsorship than player sponsorship. Trust me, they’re not my sponsoring me for my yoyo talent :wink:

For me it would have to be YYF because they have the coolest people on their team (in my opinion)

That can happen too, but I can think of several sponsored players who did not compete at contests for the sponsor.

Some people are more known for their video content, than what they do on stage, and that’s fine. As long as they have a following, it doesn’t really matter why people are paying attention, just that they are. :wink:

One Drop - Because they are genius.

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