who do you want to be sponsored by

(Nautilus) #1

i would love to be on the yyj or onedrop team if they have one (ps im back) 8)



I’m fine without being sponsored.

If I get sponsored cool, but that doesn’t really matter to me right now. I want to just have fun.

Plus, begging for sponsorship isn’t what I do.

(Nautilus) #3

no im asking if any yoyo maker said do you want a sponser who would it be


Yeah, I know.

Maybe, One Drop, YYF, or YYJ.

Not really sure.


One drop or spyy


1: no der onedrop has a team!
2: id love to become a yyf protege. that would be SWEET! i can imagine it now “yyf skyline 2.0, Julian magdangal signiture seires” :wink:


Duncan Crew, OD, G squared, YYF, YYJ, anyone really


Onedrop,xCube or c3yoyodesign






I’d have to get sponsored by accessories, strings or bearings or something like that, or a group that’s simply having a team.


I dislike restrictions. Plus, for me, it’s about fun. So, as long as it’s an organization where I can play whatever I like, then that’s the type of place I’d like to be sponsored by.

Then again, I’m not good at all. I am having fun though!

(UmeNagisa) #12


Absolutely sOMEThING


or YoyoJoker!

TP doesn’t fit my style as well as these brands!


Probably Duncan, SPYY, or CLYW. Mostly Duncan because of all the positive things I’ve heard about their team

(YoYo_Freak) #14



C3, YYJ, CLYW or Onedrop.

(2Sick Joey) #16





#1 WERRD-they make AMAZING yoyos nd an interesting team

#2 onedrop-they make great yoyos

#3 Duncan-because their crew is just full of what looks to be happy people.



also, regarding the post above me.

You don’t want to get sponsored by YYF, even though it’s in your name?


It would a huge honor to be sponsored by YYF, because everyone one their team is amazing.