what would be the top three companies that you would want to be sponsored by?

they do not have to be in any favorite order.
not in my prefered order
#1. YoYoJam
#2. Carabou Lodge YoYoWorks
#3. YoYoFactory.
what are yours?

No one. I yoyo for fun.

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I mean if you had a chance to be sponcered who would you be sponcered by?

Well, first of all, its spelled “sponsored” :wink:

I would say…

  1. YoYoFactory
  2. CLYW
  3. One-Drop


one drop

  1. YoYoFactory
  2. One Drop
  3. CLYW


Hmmm hard one. Everyone says YYF, and I might do that too.

  1. HSpin
  2. YYF
  3. One Drop


Keep playing and interesting companies will come to you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hspin or CLYW

One thing you all have to realize is that while sponsoring is nice, its something that you really have to think about.

Yes you get free yoyos and other cool perks, but stop and think for a sec.

If you get sponsored by a certain company, that means you have to use their yoyos all the time.

What is another company puts out a nice yoyo that you love oh so much, but you cant compete with it right? cause you have to use a certain company yoyo.

I used to want to be on team yoyojam very much, but then when I started liking other yoyos, I realized, hmmmm I dont think I could stay loyal to a certain company in contest like that.

I like using what yoyo I am feeling that day, sometimes its a project, sometimes a bio ego, sometimes a blazer, it always varies.

Not putting down people that are on teams, they love the yoyos and are very happy using those yoyos, but for those who just want to get sponsored just for the free yoyos and whatnot, think about kit first, dont be putting all your time and energy trying to get sponsored,

I regret back in the day when that was my main goal, I spent 3 years of my yoyo life with sponsorship as my main goal and with that, I started not yoyoing for the fun of it, I look back and realize that I was doing the wrong thing and I am glad I have changed for the better.

So yeah, carefully think about it please, dont spend all your time trying to get sponsored, you will find that it will make yoyoing much less fun for you, its not wirht it.


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I yoyo for fun and not to get sponsored I’d go with

  1. YYJ

  2. Hspin

  3. One Drop



  1. YYF
  2. One Drop
  3. maybe YYJ

Definately top three would be



words of wisdom those are.
the point of this thread was just for fun just to see what peoples choice would be.
to illustrate Jayyo’s point about the “love oh so much yoyo by a different company” would be like you are sponcered by YYF and love the Peak by Carabou Lodge.
I yo for fun also but wanted to see what people would say about it.

3.One Drop