If you could be Sponsored?

If you were to be sponsored right now. At this moment, what Team would you wish to be apart of? what company would you like to represent. Maybe due to exclusivity of the team. Prowess of manufacturing.Tournament killing.All around communal company. Or just cause you want to.What company suits you the most in your opinion and why you would love to be apart of there team?

Probably G Squared. G2 is one of my favorite companies, that being one of the reasons I would want to be sponsored. But I don’t want to be apart of a team that doesn’t have the type of yoyos I don’t like. But G2 seems like an all around great team. They have only 3 players on their team? Idk but I would want to be apart of the competition team.

General Yo, One Drop, Werrd, CLYW, yoyorecreation are all teams I’d happily be a part of if given the opportunity. Their teams are full of great people that I enjoy being around. They make excellent products that I’d have no problem using all the time, and a very involved in the community.

because getting dead smooth yyjs for free is lulz

Deadly Spins

Yoyozeekio. I’ve always liked their stuff. Plus, they just added me to the team last week :slight_smile:



I’d want to be sponsored by either YYF or Onedrop because those are my two favorite companies

Thanks, guys :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Waylon! From what I’ve seen from you, you will continue to be a great ambassador for yoyo! Your last video teaching that guy to bind was a great example.

Maybe you can answer this question for me. Why doesn’t Zeekio sell yoyos on YYE?

Similar to Jerrod, Sponsorship is not something I really want. I can’t even do a good job representing myself the way I’d like. ;D

Auldey China.

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They’re a brand of a retailer.

I think you’re saying that the downsides outweigh the upsides, because getting free yoyos is something every yoyoer wants.

The downsides are being limited to a single brand for performances, the responsibility to represent that company.

Note that every company has different terms to sponsorship terms. If a company offers sponsorship on terms that let you do basically anything, you would be a fool to pass that up.

I’m usually content with the 4 metals I own and am content window shopping. I had over 20 metals at one point, and intentionally narrowed it down. So, I actually I don’t want a bunch of free yoyos. I would just end up selling and giving them away.

Anybody that really knows me, knows I’m a fool. No question there. :wink:

Ultimately it comes down to this. I’ve made money from a hobby before, and it ended up stifling creativity, stealing all joy, and basically ruining the hobby for me. So, for me the negatives do outweigh the positives. There are more reasons, but those are already enough for me to decide that sponsorship would not be for me.

if i could YYJ cause there always traveling and sending people to competitions or One Drop.

Thank you for the kind words :slight_smile:

I’m not 100% sure why yye doesn’t carry them. I hate to speculate, and I’d have to name other online retailers to give a full explanation. I’m thrilled to be on the team and enthusiastic about the products, but I also want to remain respectful to what Andre has built here.

CLYW. Charles and Jensen.

Tropic Spins!
(Oh wait)

Yyf since I am a big fan of a lot of their yoyos. I don’t care about yoyo rarity, just as long as it plays good, then I love it. Realisticly though, I wouldn’t want to be sponsored because it would take up too much of my time.