Which Yoyo sponsorship would you choose ?

Ok so if every yoyo company in the world and asked you to come to our team.which would you pick?
My top 3 would be

1.Yoyofactory (I like their throws and I could hang with Gentry!)
2. Duncan (those duncan guys look so happy and fun!)
3. Yoyojam (They seem to be the awesomest, and I WOULD MEET ANDRÈ!)


My choice would be Gsquared I feel like their the brand with the most promise and future and I really like their throws.

G Squared
One Drop

3.one drop

Diverse Animals

  1. CLYW
  2. One Drop
  3. YoyoFactory

Clyw/yyf/onedrop i would take in a heartbeat but if jeckyl and hyde spins picks up like im expecting i would love to represent them

2.one drop
Sorry I added a fourth brand, I would actually go with any brand at all, I don’t care as long as I’m sponsored.

  1. Duncan.
  2. General-Yo.
  3. CLYW.


I like having no restrictions.

If I were, it would have to be a store or string company or bearing company, something like that.

One drop

  1. C3
  2. YYR
  3. sOMEThING
  4. YYF/CLYW/One Drop/RecRev (Tie)

I would love to be sponsored by a bearing/string company. That’s what I would prefer at the moment.

There are a couple companies I would take a sponsorship from.

Clyw-I like most of the players on the team and I love their return tops.

Gsquared- jake has been very helpful when I’ve asked question, the team is great, and they yoyos are sick! Especially the quake.

C3- international team that has amazing yoyos. I know nothing of the management though, so I can’t say anything on that.

Ten yoyo- Roo is an amazing guy! So helpful! And his yoyos are great also :slight_smile: especially the bebop! So good!

There are others I would probably take after talking with them, but those are ones I would want a sponsorship from.

I feel like MOST of people that are posting on here are picking their sponsors only based on the yoyos that the brand produces. IMO The yoyos that the brand makes doesn’t matter nearly as much as the team members and owner of the brand does. As far as being sponsored is concerned I still stand by saying that I would really like to be sponsored by G2, but I don’t care if they didn’t give me a single yoyo I would still want to be sponsored by them.

These are always interesting threads to read. As you know, I approach yo-yo as a collector who plays with yo-yos. I’m not someone looking to travel around to contests and compete. A sponsorship does not necessarily have anything to do with competing, so still feel that I can still answer the question.

There are only a few brands in yo-yo that I am truly “excited” about, and knowledgeable enough, to an extent that I have great things to say about what they are doing. I can afford any yo-yo I have ever seen, I can fly anywhere in the world that I choose, so there is nothing a sponsorship could do for me, except give me a “stamp of approval” to be authorized to represent the brand. The only real benefit for me would be the joy of spreading the good word about a brand I respect, and express my current passion about what they are doing. It would be a company with a great “story,” great history, success, currently doing great things, and continues to “excite” me with their decisions. It would most likely be a company based here in the U.S., that would probably teach me some things in the area of marketing and promotion. I think that’s what a sponsored person helps with…marketing and promotion.

The three companies at the top of the list in yo-yo for me right now are YoyoExpert, the store I promote for free, and will continue to do so :smiley: YoyoFactory has a great story, and they are doing incredible work. I am currently most excited about their latest releases. And, YoyoJam has produced some of the biggest bosses in yo-yo from their team (Andre Boulay, JD, Hiroyuki Suzuki). There is no doubt in my mind that they prepare their players for a future in yo-yo beyond “playing.” I like to be around smart people in general, intelligent in business, brilliant in ideas, creating great products. Nothing else would suit me.

Now, having said all that, I rave about the companies that are doing a great job without a sponsorship. The raving could help, or it could hurt…but no one has told me to stop yet. :wink:

I feel like the members on the team and the managers matter just as much as the yoyos. I do think that the yoyos matter however. For example, OD has a great team and the owner seems great from what I’ve heard, never had first hand experience. However, I only like 3 of the yoyos they produce, the cascade, rally, and format c. With that being said, I wouldn’t take a sponsorship if they offered one because I wouldn’t want to represent a product I didn’t stand by.

1.) deadly spins
2.) Deadly Spins

Oh wait…lol

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No particular order: One Drop Deadly SpINS RecRev but I can’t be picky I would be lucky to get one any way

I want to be sponsored by the Birdhaus Cr3w or Team Bananagrams.