Which Yoyo sponsorship would you choose ?

1.) General-Yo
2.) CLYW
3.) OneDrop

One drop, because I like their business, and they are fellow Oregonians.
Anti yo because sonny is a bad ass.

  1. YYJ and YYSL
  2. YYJ and YYSL
  3. YYJ and YYSL

We good

Clyw, General Yo, and Spin Dynamics

The only reason I would want to get sponsored is to get free yoyos and to represent them.
I don’t think that sponsorship is my number one goal because you don’t need tp be sponsored to be good. I am a representative of The String Shack but thats only string. I feel that you should yoyo for fun and not to make a name for yourself and to become “famous”.

One Drop, Toxic Strings, and Buddha Bearings ;D

Onedrop, CLYW or G2

  1. Crucial. My favorite yoyo brand. No matter how many yyf’s and clyw’s I play, I always keep coming back to throwing my Dulce and Cupcake and AYCE.

  2. Kitty String. My favorite string brand. Quality string for a fair price and chosen by top players all around the community

Don’t have a third (:

Honestly Onedrop is my dream right now. They have a great team with great people, and they are a company with amazing stuff. That aside, I need to step up my game before I even get a chance at it. Other than that I would dream to be on CLYW or G squared. Both are run by great guys, and the teams seem wonderful.

This seems like the complete opposite mentality a company would look for in a player.


Ten YoYo- Joe is super nice, their yoyos are amazing, I love repping smaller brands.

One Drop- Awesome throws, awesome people.

CLYW- Chris is really cool, amazing throws.

G Squared- Great throws, I love repping smaller companies, Jake is awesome.

I have no delusions of ever being sponsored, but if I were to be, my number one choice would be G-Squared for sure. Jake is a great guy, and has been very helpful to me as a new thrower. Other than that, I really like what I’ve seen from One Drop and, I don’t know much about their team, but I love General-Yo’s throws.


And yet so many people are like this. I see it on Yoyofficer, some random people asking for sponsorship without any relationship to brand, I think some of them never even tryed Yoyofficer yo-yos. And I’m sure they contacted dozens of yoyo companies, since writing messages on facebook take no time.



Out of the many models i have tried i never disliked any.

Of course YYE, if they had a team :p…

I think I know of one you may be speaking of haha.

I’d go with general yo but I’m not good at yoyoing xD…


:slight_smile: Also Czech kids are horrible in this, really sponsorship is their only goal.

But to stay on topic:
I still love being part of Yoyofficer, not only I like their yo-yos, but I’m happy to see brand grow and I greatly help in its growth.

From other companies, I would go with:
Duncan, not big profit for their team, but it’s like traditional company and has awesome team members :slight_smile:
Yoyofactory, you can dislike them, but they really support their players.
Turning Point and Yoyorecreation, just because they make best yo-yos in the world.
Maybe even C3, because some of their yo-yos are great(Krown is amazingly good) and have my favorite players on team.

I want to be sponsored by TruThrow.