If you got sponsored who would it be by?

(LinkDawg) #1

If someone sponsored you who would it be and why? I would do YoyoFactory cause they are way cool people travel everywhere and have great throws.


One Drop, hands down. I’ve played and loved every single one of their yoyos and very much enjoy the general sense of invention they bring to the table within their team and with each of their designs.


I’d be happy with any sponsorship ;D

but no for real, I would want to be sponsored by YYF they’re great people, great attitude and great yoyoers for sure!

If not, then CLYW no doubts.


Team Losi.

Because that would mean they’re back.



I would love to be part of the MADHOUSE syndicate. There is already a team member in my town, so why not have more :wink:

RecRec would be next. I believe in their products %100 also

(2Sick Joey) #6

Hmmmmm it would have to be Deadly SpINS…oh wait ::slight_smile:


Gsquared yoyos :wink:

(LinkDawg) #8

Yeah either YYF or CLYW.


Yomega, because I’ve been with them before. Their staff are super nice and they’re changing for the better, I prefer their current metal lineup more than any other company. Ooch and Dan are great faces for the company, the ambassadors are a bunch of great people as well.

My second choice would be Anti-Yo, because I just love the way their yoyos play.


Gen-Yo, Ernie is the coolest guy ever!


CLYW, I can feel the effort put into each throw I’ve played by them. Chris, Jensen, and Charles all look like great people to work with anyhow!




Who would sponsor me or who would i want to be sponsored by? Pretty sure no one would sponsor me, lol. But given the Choice YYR would be nice. Great people, and best yoyos in the world.


One drop, clyw, or YYF.




Yyf or clyw




SPYY, CLYW, RecRev, or maybe Duncan would be sick. I love those companies.


C3 would be awesome.


Spyy, CLYW, OD, anyone… Literally ANY one