If you were sponsored

For me it’d have to be CLYW or General-Yo, but if VsNYYC were still around I would have definitely loved to be sponsored by them!

GSquared without a doubt…Every single model Jake has put out is a Monster,gods amongst yoyo’s XD
His creations are thoroughly the most capable and enjoyable in my book.The work he has done for our community makes me want to be sponsored by G2 alone. but those throws though…

Runner Ups. Gen Yo,CLYW or Werrd.

It would be a REAL toss up between CLYW and MonkeyfingeR for me. I am in love with the Caesar, but I love my CLYW throws just as much. My One Drop is also amazing, but I’d rather pick between those two

One Drop obviously… :smiley:

od. Large variety, nice people, genius design.

For me it would either be duncan or monkeyfingeR. Leaning towards duncan. Both companies make really good throws and the public relations is the best out of any company out there, hands down. Duncan has work so much with me, they have litterally 180 my view on them. And Ray from monkeyfingeR is a real down to earth guy that would be cool to work with.

I don’t know who I would choose, but I would have to say they need to be of this criteria:

  1. Big company with lots of good yoyos (YYF, CLYW, OD, YYJ for example)
  2. Have a good team; I don’t mean good as in, everyone is a contender for world champ, but good meaning “everyone is friendly, helping, and fun”
  3. No huge restrictions or forced items; What I mean by this is that I don’t want to be forced into using certain throws in a video or on stage. I mean, I would use yoyos from the company, but I would like to be able to choose which ones.
  4. Nothing changes from my life; I don’t want to have to go around the country (or world) to do yoyo things. I am still young and want to continue my education and I also enjoy playing soccer, so nothing could interfere with that.
  5. Good mentors; This could also be part of #2, but I decided I’d make it separate. I want a team with good players that can help me out. I don’t feel that I am that advanced to get sponsored, but if I did, I would want some people on the team that are convenient (near me and have spare time) that could come over or we could meet up and he could train me and give me some pointers, teach me tricks, etc.
  6. Ages of team; I don’t want to be part of a team of all grown men. Not that I have a problem with them, but it takes away kind of the fun. I enjoy being with people around my age.

So, if any companies are like this, I might be interested. :smiley:

And this is the one that will be a big hurdle for you - if a company sponsors you, then there needs to be something in it for them. If you’re not willing to promote the brand everywhere and anywhere, how would that help the company? What’s in it for them?

Think of sponsorship not as getting free stuff, but as a symbiotic relationship between you and the company where both parties get a (somewhat) equal benefit from the partnership.

I don’t know.
Maybe Tropic Spins. And Epic Strings.
Those guys are kinda weird though.

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Yeah, SOOOO weird

I don’t know if Colin would sponsor anyone, but TMBR would be cool.

No no no, that’s not what I meant.

I would go to contests all over the place and stuff, but I just don’t want to be forced into having to go to Europe just to make some yoyo videos or something. And, if I did, I wouldn’t want it to be a regular thing.
I just don’t want to have to constantly go on a big trip or something. Maybe twice a year would be good, but no more than that. I enjoy my home life.

I want to be sponsored by either C3yoyodesign or Auldey. C3yoyodesign because of their awesome yoyos and Auldey for being super special. :smiley:

if only

Are some companies more competitive to get into than others?

yoyoworkshop ! oh wait lol :wink:

I would imagine so, because some companies are just so much more popular, or they can offer better incentives to team members. But, I’m sure that also depends on the player who wants in, their level of skill, and popularity. If you’re the player that everyone wants, it might not be hard for you at all. So, getting on the team might depend on how many other people are trying, how many spots are available, and what you can offer relative to the competition, for that spot.

CLYW! It is a no brainer!!! They are obviously the best yoyo brand out there.

I dont know really.
I would really like to see Jensen come back with some crew or company
"Jenisis yoyo’s
Jeneral Kimmitts yoyo crew
or Duns Brocolli
I really want to see Jensen make a mad comeback.

But Jensen ain’t even gone. He contributes more to the current landscape than most sponsored players. His association with CLYW may not be a “sponsorship”, but there’s no comeback to be had!