Yomerica Get Yourself Sponsored Contest!!!


Think you got the moves? Do your friends tell you your awesome? Does everyone tell you yo u should be SPONSORED?
Are you a contributing factor to the YoYo community? Visit our website! http://www.yomericaspindustries.com/contest.jpghttp://www.yomericaspindustries.com/
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Either this thread or the other identical one needs to be deleted.

(Also, I think those rules are a bit strict. If you want to have a good showing for your contest, don’t make the people use one of your yoyos, especially seeing as how you’re new to the industry and we don’t know anything about your yoyo(s) at this point.)


Agreed I wouldnt enter a contest if I had to use a yoyo
i was completely unfamiliar with.


How are you supposed to rep for a company if you don’t play with their product?
Could be the chance of a lifetime for a mere $90.00.
Think about it…http://www.yomericaspindustries.com/banner_cropped.jpg


It is the chance of a life time and I was thinking about entering. Unfortunatly… I’m addicted to my 888x and I’m not sure I’m ever going to find another yoyo. If I can go to MER this year, 888 is gonna be my choice of yoyo no matter what… even if my bearing breaks and a I need another one instantly. I’ll buy one there and put it in. I’m not sure I can use any yoyos other than: 888x, GM2, and Peak.


Here is how the contest works. You spend your money on one of their yoyo’s to try to get sponsored. Well then you don’t. What then? Yep You are stuck with their yoyo and they just totally made you buy it. Marketing skillz at their worst. Even these teenage kids are smarter than that.


So, basicly they want you to buy there yoyo. So this is more of a way to sell yoyo’s then an actual contest. And a Company scouts for Team Members, not have them buy there’sand try out and if they win the get sponsored for a year. And If the person who enters has to show the Logo of the Yoyo that seems like a Advertiseing trick. I would love to try one of your yoyos but I don’t have 90 dollars spend(Just bought a Noel Kunz CUT). And I did send in Application to Hspin(my all time favorite Company).


Very good point.

You should probably show a few videos of it being used to be sure that people can see the yoyo before they buy it. If they buy one of your yoyos because you told them to and they don’t like the yoyo… well… they probably aren’t going to want to be sponsored by that company.


Also what does 3rd hand stuff mean? does that mean it is C-Grade stuff? Not trying to be harsh I am not even good enough to enter IMO but if I was still seems like alot to ask.


“Chance of a lifetime”? To be “sponsored” by you? A kid is going to have to buy your yoyo. Sounds like they would be sponsoring YOU!

Even still… Chance of a lifetime to yoyo at competitions? Give me a break.

(JM) #11

OP, please stop posting the same thing over and over again. I know you’re super excited about this company and your marketing plan here, but please don’t abuse the free advertisement. Check your PMs for more details.

I’ve cleaned up your other posts (I mean I deleted them), but kept the link to the review, just in case you’re wondering what happened.


sorry I can’t resist… your yo-yo looks almost exactly like a …

Also, asking people to buy an expensive item to promote a company nobody has ever heard of, and to then make a video (for free) that you get to use a promotional material, is absolutely stupid.

People, seriously… don’t buy their product just to then also give them free promo stuff.

Anybody who agrees to enter is getting screwed.


(Shisaki) #13

So, you’re making people buy your yoyo to compete and YOU get to decide who gets sponsored? Wow, so basically you could just not sponsor anyone and make a profit…


All your comments are valid. For Sure. If we were whack!
This chance is for a player that may not have the ability to get out their of town or even know another yoyoer. I live in rural western colorado where I can’ t find another yoer for 300 miles. this is for that person.
Don’t win ? You still get an awesome product. Reviews coming out on all sites shortly.


3rd Hand Products are everything yomerica offers other than yoyos. All seconds will also be called third hand with third hand logos on one side.


Lots of people make videos and get recognized without having to go to contests… but they don’t have to give away their work to do it. You clearly want to use all this video for promotional materials (your rules make that very clear) …and you clearly have no intention of rewarding anybody except one person you happen to choose (assuming you do choose someone)



Unfortunatly, I can’t agree with the statement “This chance is for a player that may not have the ability to get out their of town or even know another yoyoer.” because… if you can’t get out of your town to compete, or if you’re not aloud to compete, YYE is a great place to get to know other throwers, along with Facebook and youtube.

And I noticed another thing, the yoyo you are using in the picture you posted in this thread… that is not the Planet 9 yoyo on your site that you are selling. If you want people to buy your yoyo, then using the yoyo you want people to buy is probably a good idea.

Last thing… yoyoing isn’t about being sponsored… or at least it shouldn’t be. I’m going to my first contest this summer (MER)… well… at least I hope I’m going. I was worried about coming up with a good routine and thinking about my nerves getting the best of me, so I asked Tyler Severance for advice on facebook. He told me that yoyoing is supposed to be fun and if I’m too nervous, I shouldn’t worry about competing and just go to have a great time. That’s the best advice for yoyoing that I have ever gotten and it made me realize that although competing, being sponsored, and being known would be great, yoyoing is about having fun, and if you’re yoyoing just to win… then why yoyo at all if you aren’t having fun with it? It shouldn’t be about getting sponsored. It should be about having a great time doing something that you like to do.

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yomaster16, you are completely wright.
Yomerica, i do see that you might be a scam artist and such and such that was previously stated. but there is also a chance that you are an honest company trying to get out there. and you are getting out there, but for the wrong reason. i am going to throw you a bone and say that more people might be willing if you let them use whatever yoyo they want. Why would it matter what yoyo they are using? most people can do almost all of the same tricks with any yoyo. some people don’t want your ONLY option for yoyo because it doesn’t fit their preferences. if you had a couple of options that very in size shape and weight, more people would get yoyos from your company. but you only have one. so if they are using any yoyo, would it matter as long as you know they want to be sponsored by you and are good?


Right, people would be more receptive if they were allowed to use whatever they wanted… then when you pick a person to sponsor, THAT person can make a promotional video with your yo-yo.

THAT is reasonable… and you don’t look like you’re trying to scam people.



I agree. Also The yoyo in the picture could be a raw model. But I dont know.