VA States?

Im goingto try to compete in VA states this year.

I skipped a lot of the tricks in the learning section that didn’t visually appeal to me, can i just enter to compete? Or do i have to know certain tricks to be able to???

u already missed this years… it was like 3 months ago. And you dont need to know any specific set of tricks … unless you want to enter into the Sports ladder.

But for like 1a freestyle or some other division … there is no requirement … you just do your 1 min freestyle.

i know i missed the most recent one bro lolol, im competing in this next one. Was the last one in 2012? Or 2013?

An thank you for the info maynnee i can wait to compete!! Im gunna come out to the va club meet sometime soon once my mom helps me buy this truck i want.

2013 Already passed :stuck_out_tongue:

^^^ yeah it was this past Jan… they have them usually every Jan …

but yea man … you are more than welcome to come by and hang with us … I think I spoke to you a while while back like last year and you mentioned you were going to show up

what happend? … GET THAT TRUCK!!! Get that money kid!!! lol (Jensen is too funny)

alright next january ill be at va states! A bunch of crap happened after i got out of jail man. A bunnch of crap. Im slowly gettin. My life together. Once i get this truck if im not hired yet i should be able to find a job pretty easily.

Glad to hear you are getting your life together!!!

what does every growing boy need?

uhmm… A yoyo?

That Money kid !!!.. lol (have you not watched the summit documentary?) I watched it too many times I think

but yea what you said is right also…

haha i am! Im sellin yoyo string apparel to help save money for my courtfine, link is in my sig. Where is the competetition?

Hahah, money. Nonono what does every growing boy need. Uh Money, yeh get that money kid!

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Get that Yoyo royalty KID!!!

Yes but make sure to let him know his dad is a Yoyo pro before he knows of anyone sponsored!

I like going number two…