practice for va states

heres part of my free style i hope you like it :]

it looks like you put it in fast motion!!!
that was awesome!!!
your best vid i have seen WOW!!!
are you going to be in a competition?
but anyway very nice vid :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

nice, not incredably complicated but very good speed.

It actually is, but you can’t tell because of the white shirt.

Solid stuff. Have fun at VA states!

i didnt feel like puting somthing else on lol.

lol :slight_smile:

Nice tricks man! Looking forward to seeing you at the contest, I have a pretty sweet 2 min freestyle planned myself =)

i hope i see you there! :]

great vid but i could barely see the string

I’ve always been a fan of you jared. Your smooth and fast.

The only wierd thing was the begining trick started really fast and then slowed down and then got fast. It felt a little off balanced.

when is the competition? ??? ?

thanks! i need to smooth that part out


he asked when not where.

Very fast. Awesome. :smiley:

hahaha wow…. may 22

thanks :slight_smile:

o ya the genisis! nice vid and remem dont hurt genny

I wish i could make it to va states. Anyways nice video!

white shirt…
bad bad bad bad bad bad bad and…


lol i no hahaha