VA state Roll call

who’s going to VA state? i know i am who else it its less then 2 week away I’m soooo excited anyone else?

I will

I’m in

ME First Contest!!!

I’m going

I would go if it weren’t 8 hours away… :confused:

aww man that sucks maybe you can go next year. ;D Also I’m excited to see some of you guys there I remember seeing a fee of you guys there though.


I’ll be there!!! Can’t wait!

I’ll be there! It’ll be my first contest and I’m stoked! :))

I’ll be there. ;D Definitely excited for this. It’s been a while.

I know right I’m soo pumped for it I’m planning on picking up a YYJ theory there cause I don’t want to pay for shipping costs cause those suck and maybe some string and other odds and ends. I know this I have 2 yoyos and a holster I want to trade or sell to somebody cause I don’t really use them.

Unfortunately no. 16 hour round trip for me

I’ll be trading! I’m going to try to buy a DS pride and a Tenyoyo bebop.

Me buying superstars and your catalyst jessie

Huh? Okay if I still have it.

j Singh if you have a theory I am thinking about buying one used. cause I haven’t like any of the colors I have seen in stock recently so if your interested we might work something out.

Sorry, I got rid of my theory a while back. I have a cascade, stacked catalyst, SFX prototype, and maybe a couple others for sale/trade. I’ll come find you for sure and let you try some stuff out :slight_smile:

ah well I bet there would be someone else at VA states that can trade or sell there theory. If its a similar crowd like last year there would bound to be some body.

Feel free to check my bst to buy or trade at VA states ;D