MA States. Who's going.

Yush they released the date:D I’m excited, who’s going? 8)

When is it? if I’m available, i’ll definitely go. it’ll be my first yoyo event! oh, and where exactly is it?

Awesome dude, hope to see you! Its on September 23rd in North Hampton MA at the Academy of Music. :slight_smile:

I am going

so that’s really close to YYE. are they gonna be there?

Wooooooooooo! So excited! Also excited for Eli Hops for Hope Battle!! Two contests announced in one day!! So pumped!

It’s reallyyy close. & Uhm, they’ll more than likely have a stand there. and hope you see ya Gizzyo!

Me too! It should be quite epic!

I hope I can go… I WILL be at the Eli Hops Battle, tho… lol. Not competing, I’m running it!

I might go!

I’m not sure though…

I’m not all that good.

Shadow you are good! Compete in trick ladder and sport 1a you could take first place in both. I will be there competing for Yomega!!

Woo hoo!!

:smiley: I’ll be looking out for all you guys!

Yea! Who needs Worlds?! We got MA States!!!

You should go! I went back in '08, '09, and '10. It’s a good experience to meet new people and learn new tricks. Haha, and you can get some good deals on some used throws! I don’t think I’ll be going this year, though.

Ha, I will definitely be bringing money. It’s a shame you’re not going! I don’t think I’ll compete though, not good enough yet.

Soviet I will be there you will have to look for me and thanks for the donation.

I’ll probably be wearing a grey Radiohead shirt. Not that bright or visible, but it’s my favorite shirt.

I’ll have to see if I can make it.