MA States !

So MA States is June 7th and 8th. Who’s going?? I don’t know if I’ll be going for both days but I will definitely be there one of the days!

I might be doing stuff, but I really want to go on the 8th.

I will be there as always!!! Love this contest!!

I am definitly going! I love the states! I couldn’t go last year, but this year should be great!

Definitely going to try and convince my parents to bring me there. Hope I can go! :smiley:

I probably will be able to make it :slight_smile:


I can’t compete then. :’(

I will be there for sure!

Last year was long had to rush it 2 days is better

Eh, if it’s in the summer I might manage both days. Prolly not though.

I may go, but probably won’t compete

Bump, just about a month!

is there a website yet?

Not yet but soon

Is it going to be hosted in western ma?


MA states prepare to be dominated by the NH yoyo club!!!

ill be there for sure with all the g2 throws for ppl to try out and some pins and stickers as always

That is a bold statement… You better bring it…

Well, sadly enough I won’t be there, so I’m not sure how they will.

Just kidding, I know they’ll do great! I’m going to really miss it!