So how was everyone's MA states?


This was my second contest and I really enjoyed myself. I got to meet a bunch of awesome throwers, won a nickel Flow, bought a Sine//Saw, and practiced some belly regens with A Soviet Locust. who else had an awesome time? Snag any good throws?


I had a blast as usual. I love the venue and what the YYE team put together!!

I did not get any throws. I was relatively happy with my freestyle so all in all it was a great few days!!


What’s your name, just so I can remember your routine?


This might help you :slight_smile:


I had fun, and it was good catching up with some people who I hadn’t seen in awhile. I think it was a job well done by YoyoExpert. Ooch did a great job during the event too.

I even got a free T-shirt when I picked up my order. I handed in the next restock of leather holders too, so watch out for those to appear on the site soon. :wink:

They gave away a ton of prizes in those raffles. I couldn’t believe it… multiple Yelets, Chief, nickel Flow, Arctic Circle…just tons of throws, and a bunch of Kendamas given away too. I thought the little game show segment during the contest was cool too, it really cracked me up. :smiley:

The weather really cleared up to a nice sunny day yesterday, which was a nice surprise. Very cool event, and a nice venue too.


That Nickel Flow plays amazing! When Ooch called my number I jumped like 2 feet in the air (way to make a fool of myself XD). I feel supremely lucky because the only ticket I had was the free one I got with registrations. Higby was great during prelims, really cracked me up a couple times.


I live in Massachusetts, and wanted to go, but couldn’t! I’m so jealous! I hope you all still had a wonderful time.


Dude belly regens are hard. Jensen’s gawt skilz.

But it was awesome. Nice to meet new people, and hang around.

Also, Alpha Crash is a good jojo. Thanks to whoever that guy was who let me use it.


It’s all in the hat. You just gotta have the right hat. And it was pretty great getting to play a superwide and a mighty flea back to back. Superwide horizontal grinds are hilarious.

Oh, by the way, what’s your real name again? I completely forgot, so many new friends!


I’m Sean.


I had an amazing time as usual, great to see everyone who came out and to hang out after. This was my 8th MA States I believe ( missed 2005 because it was Superbowl Sunday) and I feel like this event only gets stronger every year. Really tight competition in the 1A and 5A divisions, lots of people really brought their A game. Per usual I had the best seat in the house, loved it!

@Hendy: Glad you’re digging the Nickel Flow you won, enjoy!


This was only my first MA states, but I plan on going to many more. Next year I might actually have a shot at finals ;). I got to meet Doug from your team as well a catch up with Benji who got sponsored by you since I last saw him. Great couple of guys! I hope to see you next year, but if you’re judging again I doubt we’d have much chance to chat.


It was an awesome contest. I had sooo much fun. ;D ;D ;D ;D
Great meeting new people like Hendy and seeing all my old friends. I also got a SD Flow and a YYJ Theory. The Flow is absolutely amazing. I love it. It was kind of bittersweet getting seventeenth in prelims considering only sixteen got in. :-\ But it was my first time competing in 1A, so I think I did pretty good. I just need to get everything a little cleaner, and hopefully I’ll be into finals. Thanks for an awesome time guys!


It was nice meeting you too man! 17th is pretty darn good if you ask me, especially for your first time competing. I only placed 21st (if I hadn’t snap started twice though there’s a chance I might have placed in the top 16).


You’re routine was pretty good! Just get a wee bit cleaner and you’ll be into finals. How’s that Flow working for ya?

(DOGS) #16

I was pretty spooked when I was called up to be the first freestyle of the day. I didn’t even get the chance to worry over it. Apparently my freestyle got 100 points?

It was a blast hanging out with everyone, and getting some fun new toys.


The Flow? It’s darn good! The nickel finish works great for grinds even though it’s not blasted and you can still see your reflection in it! Mine’s got a wee bit of vibe (not visible, but you can feel it with your fingernail), but I only tested it for vibe after I bumped it on my wood floor (silly me). Whether or not it was just me, I really don’t care about vibe at all. The thing plays so perfectly!

As for me freestyle, I’m most excited about my improvement from the NER in April. My Tech Ex. actually doubled!


Yea man I think that is what the overall winner gets as a score!!!  I thought you rocked it man!!!  Like I said on stage you are in the wrong division :slight_smile:

Here are a few news stories about the event!!!  Great stuff here:

And one more:

I love how Spin Dynamics gets such a HUGE plug here :slight_smile:


I think that’s the best I’ve seen you so far. You were totally relaxed, and I agree that it was a blessing in disguise that you went first and no worries set in. Great job up there. I hope the videos will be up soon.


I’m in one of the photos in the third one (rocking the metallic orange Sine//Saw). It’s great how many Spin Dynamic shirts got screentime! SD is the bomb!