blog for yo-yo players in Virginia
i made this site so people who yo-yo in Virginia can get together and trade within the state. check it out and post comments. to post click the #comments to the right of posted by(username) at (time).

hope you like it


new updates.

Hey Zach. How’s it going?

Hey guys, i am in Alexandria VA. Anyone close to me?

Yeah theres a few people in NoVA, not sure what the meet situation is though. Contact Beatrice, he’s looking for someone to meet up with.

is he on this foruM? you have his email?

Ohai! Thanks for lookin out for me, Ricks =D Yeah I’d love to hook up with some NoVA folks and throw~ I kinda feel like chilling with people and throwing is a much better / funner way to improve and the like~

Anyone down for a meet in Richmond soon?

I’m in Portsmouth VA, anybody near there? 757?

Super Bump - instead of me starting another VA thread.

Looking for anyone in Northern Virginia area, or DC or southern MD.

I am in alexandria and i really don’t know anyone else around me who throws, so it would be nice to meet others who are also interested.

It wouldn’t matter if you just started or you are a pro :slight_smile: anyone in-between!

or am i alone? lol ;D

I live in richmond virginia :slight_smile:
awesome to see some other VA throwers

Started throwing back in April. Live in Leesburg, looking for some people in the NoVA area to learn from.

Dang, Everybody lives up in NoVA!

where do you live? come to NOVA lol

i just pmd you asking how long you been yo-yoing, i just got excited cus i saw that you are from leesburg lol hit me up , i am in alexandria :slight_smile:

I think there are more throwers in richmond, because the VA state contest is usually there ( i think )

nice in jan? ill try to go too, i never been but really want to … its going to be in richmond right? and i think va beach area also has other throwers!!

So I’ve heard, but no one can provide any names or anything. So far, I don’t know any other throwers in person. And to think there might be others 15 min. away!