Any throwers in northern va?!!?

I was wondering if there is anyone in northern va who yoyos. If u yoyo and live in or near northern va, tell me.

There is a nova club.

Our page is on this board.,41966.0.html

What everyone else said and I live in Alexandria!!! What about you?

Same here I live in Alexandria va

One thing to know is that I’m intermediate and only in the 8th grade

I would love to join nova and get better as a thrower but I can’t travel all over so please keep that in mind.

We only have one meet a month and it’s in leesburg. Glad to hear someone else in Alexandria yoyos. I think yoyoavenger is around your age. Ghost and I are older and most of the other throwers fall in the same category. You are more then welcome to come to the meet in leesburg. I live right by landmark mall (which is a dead mall) Not sure where in Alexandria you are, but either way … Doesn’t matter how good you are … As long as you have fun with it. I don’t have As much time to throw like I use to with my new job but if you ever want to throw let me know … I have been to old town and threw there, they also have a hobby shop. And offcourse market square is great too in oldtown!!

Thanks I know that landmark is a dead zone but I didn’t know there was a hobby shop in old town. Do they sell yoyos there? I have looked all over for a yoyo shop but I can never find one. I didn’t know you guys just met in leesburg. I would be happy to join you one day. I am happy to know that there are throwers fairly close by. All my tricks are mostly self taught and I have been looking for people who might actually be able to help me. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.

By the way, I live 5 minutes away from kingstowne town center and about 10 minutes away from landmark. I would like to progress as a thrower and learn new tricks. I have been throwing for about 2 and a half years on and off and have been relying on trick books and YouTube videos by which are now getting me nowhere as I move on to more advanced tricks. And lastly, are there any people in nova who are younger than me?

I also have seen your videos and I am very impressed. I would really like to throw with you guys. Judging from your videos you guys skillful and dedicated.

most hobby shops around here has your typical duncan throws and really cheap plastics … the closest yoyo shop is in Delaware and there is a contest held there that hopefully we will be attending. How far have you gone on the yoyoexpert tuts? btw if you can make it to the next meet great, all of the info is on our thread and if it helps you can follow me down there or something if needed.

ahh i know where that is … i grew up in alexandria… i know this area pretty well … and I have been throwing on and off for just as long as you have… i still have a long way to go … key is actually to spend time throwing and learning new stuff lol some are so good that they don’t need tuts ;D … and i am assuming you are like 13?? and yeah actually … Craigs son is younger than you and he throws too…

thanks it was a lot of fun … and its just great to hang out with other throwers … we will probably do another video for the next meet too … if ghost shows up …

so yeah come to the meet!!

I would love to attend. This will be at algonkian park right? And thanks, because this will be an opportunity I won’t want to miss.

Yeah your around my age. I’m not gonna be able to make it for a few months.

its next weekend … august 11th … all the details on our thread !!!