Forever alone throwers

Just curious, how many of you have never met another yoyoer? I been going for two years and have not met anyone. There are not many contests or clubs in the NY area.

5 years without meeting a thrower. At least we have the YYE forum :stuck_out_tongue:

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I live in northern NJ and have only met a couple local throwers, but met a whole bunch of people up in MA a little more than a year ago. If you’re in upstate NY I’d recommend checking out some of the small yoyo meets that go on up there. It may be hard to find, but it’ll definitely be worth it to meet up with a few throwers to trade tricks and such.

I’ve been delivering to Spencer Berry’s house and I just found out today, still didn’t meet him… but ya.

Most of my friends think yoyo’ing is for weirdos, so I keep it to myself

Not until I went to PNWR. YEAAAH

Well I got into yoyoing because of somebody b/c I thought he was amazing but now I’ve far surpassed him because all he can do quadruple or nothings… Does this count?

My thrower-us solus shall end when I go to Cal States this weekend:D

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I have a friend/colleague who yoyos; he got into 1A very shortly after I did (saw me yoyoing at work, thought it was cool enough, made a purchase later the next day!).

But “in the wild” I haven’t met another yoyoer yet.

If you think NY is tough, try Ottawa! There are a few “down the road” in Montreal, though.

A guy who works as a cashier at a nearby gas station had a yuuksta and was doing some cool tricks. He’s the only person I’ve ever met who yoyos, besides my friends who don’t play nearly as much as me.

I’ve only been throwing a year, but I haven’t met a single other thrower. I don’t think I’ll be meeting any others anytime soon either, no clubs in South jersey or Philly.

been throwing for a year & a half. have not met any yoyo-ers.
but i assume there should be a few yoyo-ers in the greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. i heard about a club in the area, but i never have time to visit nor do i know where it is.

Philly represent here. I’ve been throwing off and on since I was 13.

But I know nobody else that throws either besides my friends that threw it 90’s style. It gets cumbersome :confused:

Delivering what?

Um, that’s kind of a large area, no?

Sandwiches foo

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so far I haven’t met anyone else who throws. would be awesome though, cause I am sure it would help a ton with learning how to throw. for being such a small rock in the middle of the ocean, oahu sure knows how to hide it’s yoyo-ers

Only ever met throwers in big cities, around my little town I’m “The god of YoYo’s” as I like to call myself. Tried to get other into it but they either don’t like the feel of the string or they don’t like the fact that I’m better than them… yes, there’s been more than 1 person that has actually said “I’ll never get to your level, what’s the point in starting now?”

how lazy do you have to be to not make your own sandwich? Then ontop of that thought, get it delivered?? Lol

Check your pm

Depends if you want freshly sliced meat and preservative-free bread which has been baked within an hour of you eating it. Also depends if you want a side of chips, cookies, pickle, soft drink… or this handsome guy to come bring it to you within 15 minutes of you ordering it.