Encounters with other throwers?

Do you guys ever encounter a yoyoer outside of a club/meet/competition?

I had my speed maker at the orthodontist once, and this guy came up to me (Couldn’t have been more than two years older…) and showed me some cool tricks with it. He asked me if I were on the forums, and i wasn’t at the time, so I don’t know if I have met him on here yet… o_0

But have you ever seen anyone else just casually throwing on a street corner or something?


I ran into someone at walmart asking if I used this site…

I ran into this guy at the orthodontist and showed him sweet tricks on his speedmaker. He wasn’t on the forums. I wonder if he is now.

But in all honesty, never.


I’m just waiting for the day when I meet someone at like the mall or something who’s just yoyoing. 'twill be epic.

was throwing my 54 at school, and someone says he has a dm2 and a g5.

I met another thrower for the first time at a party a few weeks ago. My girlfriend ran up to me asking if I had a yoyo on me so she could introduce me to another yoyoer she just met. I didn’t bring any, but he had a Northstar that he let me try out anyway. It was pretty cool. It took me by surprise to meet someone else who throwed; that was the first time I had met another thrower in over a year since I picked up the skill.

Another funny coincidence: I was working at a Bookstore for a few weeks and I usually worked in the back. The very next day after the party, I’m in the front of the store and have to help a customer at the register, the only customer I would help that day. It was the thrower from the party. :smiley:

Does this count? I already know Josh well. I was biking in SF one day, and then I saw Josh Yee walk by. That was cool. And another time when I was in SF In saw Gabriel Lozano, Guy Wright, Paul Escolar, and other people all eating at a table in Subway. They all waved at me, so that was also really cool. And then there’s always little kids you see playing with a yoyo, so yeah. That’s basically it for me.

Can’t say that I have but then again there aren’t that many throwers in my area.

I was yoyoing at an Independence Day parade yesterday with my neighbor, and this guy walked up and asked what kind of tricks we did and what yoyos we had. Turns out he yoyo’d before his mission and just got back and he still had his skills!

In 6 years, no, never had a random encounter. I’m pretty much on my own yoyo island here.

I once saw a women using a diablo at school (a community college) though I did not get the chance to talk with her. I’ve met a couple people there who used to throw but don’t anymore…I have had plenty yo-yoing encounters all the time outside of club meets and such. Considering there are with friends though I’m sure it hardly counts. :wink:

Once I had someone walk up to me and asked what yoyo I was using, and I said it was a campfire. He then asked if he could play with it for a while, (to which I said yes because I don’t know why I wouldn’t)and then started talking about his 888x while I just kind of stood there awkwardly.

I met a Czech yoyoer at my scout camp:) and a malaysian at the world jamboree

was his name Jace?

I had my old protostar, and was doing some 5a in a corner in school before it started, and this older kid came up with an mvp and we yo’ed till school started.

Another day, I brought my popstar to a track meet, and my old friend from a long time ago came up with his marmot, and i’d never known he yoyo’d before then.

At a yoyo meeting, a guy was skateboarding and came up to us and started talking to us.

He used to be a member of Team Spintastics back in 1999 and he still knew a bunch of stuff, even 2A tricks.

Was taking a walk with my Dad and I see a guy yoyoing out of the corner of my eye, I go up to him and ask what yoyo he was throwing, he had an atmosphere, it ended up being Jasonwongzero (the anno guy, haha), pretty awesome.

Also randomly ran into a yoyoer on a cruise ship in the arcade. He had a kickside and was learning spirit bomb. Pretty awesome.

I have yet to ever see anyone throw. My buddy got me into it when we were deployed so he was the only individual I have ever thrown with…I got through all the tricks on this site so fast because we pushed each other and had somewhat of a competition between us. After I got out of the Army I seem to have slowed down dramatically.

I hope to find someone in my area to throw with on a regular basis I miss it.

Where do you live? If I’m close enough I’ll try to run into you.


at my school there was this one freshman kid who brings his yoyo with him everywhere he had gym the same period that i had my strength and conditioning class so whenever we had free days he would always stand in the corner and do tricks. i would usually ignore him cuz i didnt wanna show him up and i was a senior and didnt wanna hang with a freshman. but one time my friend saw him and started talking to him and than my friend came over to me and he had told the kid about me and made me go over to him and do tricks with his yoyo. i didnt really want to but i was kinda pressured so i just went over and he had either a DM 2 and i did kwijybo and iron whip and a few other slack whips.he was just one of those people who yoyo to show off to everyone and he wasnt even that good.