I randomly met a yoyoer last night

Was throwing at starbucks with a friend, when this guy came up to me and asked to use my supernova. I’m pretty hesitant on letting random people using my metal throws, but he said he knew how to do a bind so I let him. Turns out he was really into throwing a few years back, and he started showing me somewhat advanced tricks like boingy boing, eli hops, and some other random combos of tricks from the yye tutorials. I was pretty amazed considering I thought he would just throw a trapeze or something :P. First time I’ve met a random person who was actually into yoyoing… Crazy.

Always lovely meeting another fellow player among the masses!
Has happened to me a few times. Super cool.

that’s awesome!!! this happened to me one time… except it was at a 4th of july party but still fun!

this kinda happened to me too, exept had I not met the guy, I would not have even known that there was a yoyo community/club in my hometown (Kansas City, Kansas) so I owe that guy a bunch…

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Cool stuff

I met alecto at my church. He was visiting his grandma.

I met Mark Mcbride at a bakery on vacation! He have me some really good advice too :grin:

I have yet to meet other avid yoyoers down here in Lone Star Texas, although I have caused others to want to learn to yoyo and they have been learning… does that count for anything?.. So lonely… :-\ :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in KC also could I get the info on that club?

I met gentry at this joint called youtube

I wish i could do that!!! jk lol

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Awesome! I met a yo-yoer a few days ago too!

This happened to me while living in China a year back, it’s great to be surprised by random peoples throwing ability 8)