Met a YYF worker today

Was out today after work and was wandering through Macy’s.
I wasn’t yoyoing but I did have my replay on my yoyo holder on the side.
As I was browsing randomly, a voice behind me spoke: “hey! You have one of our yoyos!”.
The person introduced himself to me as " Reggie" and he said he used to do marketing for YYF some years ago. He didn’t have a yoyo on him, but I let him try the replay and he was quite skilled, well beyond my level at least :).

Couldn’t chat for long, but was super cool to meet him so sudden in a Macy’s of all places!


What area were you in?

That is awesome!

Wow, that is really neat. Wish something like that would happen to me :slight_smile:

Yeah. I’m jealousy

I’ve met yoyoers at random, but never a worker so that is cool

I’ve only ran into 1 yoyoer at random “in the wild” so to speak. I was waiting in line at my local amusement park messing around with my Replay Pro when the guy in line behind me mentioned that he needs to learn how to do a 1-handed bind. We got to talking about some stuff when he told me about his bearing acting up so I told him about how to clean it. Other than that, I’ve only ran into kids who only knew how to dribble their yoyos “mom 'n dad” style…we all know what I’m talking about here :slight_smile:

I once met Mark McBride in a bakery near LA. He gave me some advice that was REALLY helpful too!

I met YYF Hans at a car show. He owns a pretty awesome Triumph Spitfire. It wasn’t exactly a random occurrence though because another yoyoer I know introduced me lol.

I met Dazzling Dave at the grocery store once…

(I’ve met him a number of times before and after that. He’s the organizer of MWR and the BBQ and does frequent appearances in the area.)

Thanks for the story Usagi, it had been a while since we had one of your “this happened to me today” topics. It seems that you live in the yoyoing capital of the world judging by how many yoyoers you bump into.

The ‘OD Project into San Francisco Bay’ story still makes me cri evry tiem. :-\

I’ve yet to bump into another yoyoer at random myself, but then it doesn’t really surprise me over here considering how small the scene is. One would think that with a more condensed little island there’d be more chance of it, but it hasn’t happened yet.

You know of the other day I was thinking that usagi hasn’t posted his happenings like she did some nice stories about yoyo related meeting people. And I was even going to post a thread but I thought if something hasn’t happened how would there be a story.
But now here’s a new one thanks for sharing.

At Star Wars celebration in April I ran into Dave Bazan (buzz-on yoyos), hadn’t seen him in 10 years!

Small small world! Loving it when things like these happen! My most recent yo-yo siting happened a few months back. Was on a road trip with the family, rolling down to southern California. I couldn’t hold my bladder, so we pulled into a rest stop about an hour south of Chico. Low and behold, there was a yo-yoer just jamming with the breeze rushing through his hair! He introduced himself to me as Eugene and was returning home from a trip to National Yo-Yo Museum. We threw down for a minute and we parted ways. Good times indeed!

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he runs the local toy/yoyo store in the area but i still got really excited when i first met him

My work keeps me going back and forth between the bay area and the LA area, with quite a bit of free time in between. :slight_smile:
The opportunities to run into people is quite high, which I am thankful for. Now if only I could travel outside of California sometimes!

Wish I would run into a yoyoer. There’s no scene out here in ct.

Dazzling Dave actually performed in front of my school and sold his yoyos when I was in elementary school. That was how I got into yoyoing. Thanks Dave! You are awesome!

there are (as far as i know) only 3ish yoyoers in Olathe Kansas.

Jacob Vaughn (me)

Blake Freeman

and Kaleb Zhu (this kid is INSANE btw)

i have never (as far as i remember) run into another yoyoer that knew more than rock the baby, walk the dog, etc out of nowhere