Finally met another yoyoer!

Just a fun story to hopefully brighten another persons day: After 12 years being in the hobby, i finally met another person who seriously yoyos! I was on a cruise ship for vacation. While yoyoing for a couple friends, someone asked me to come show their family. No problem, i always love to show off the hobby and helps me make new friends and start conversations. While yoyoing i noticed someone off to the side of me watching. Any of you who yoyo in public know you are bound to draw a crowd eventually, so i didnt think much of it. As i peak up for a second to look around, i notice the person doing a fingerspin on a yyf edge. I honestly didnt know what to say or do. I was completely stunned. I laughed and smiled for a solid 10 minutes. Truly a crazy moment. Im terrible at remebering names and i was too stunned to even know what to say, but if you are on the forums bud, you truly made my day. Also, thank you for letting me try out the yyf edge! Anyone else have a similar experience or fun story of meeting a yoyoer?



Great story mate!

I somehow found out that @Skip lived in the same city as me! I can’t remember how. He is quite well know in the international yoyo scene. Meeting him was the first time I’d seen another adult yoyo right in front of me. It was fresh!


I was teaching an Algebra class at a high school in Jacksonville, Fl in the late 90s. One of my students was very good and generally carried a few throws in his backpack. I am also terrible with names but he reignited my spark to begin throwing again. I already had quite a few yoyos that I had picked up over the years. At that time I began to look at “modern” yoyos and picked up a few. They seemed very expensive in that time frame. I faded away due to family and work. Fortunately, I am back now that I have retired.

I hope he is still throwing.


Awesome story! Being in SoCal I run into other yoyoers every once and awhile.

When I was at a museum a month ago, this younger kid came up to me and asked if I could do the DNA with 3 yoyos :joy:

I was like “Definitely not, I can do it with one though!”

And he was like “WELL I’ve seen someone do it with three” :skull::skull::skull:

Sorry buddy, we can’t all be Evan Nagao lmfao


The elusive wild yo-yo enthusiast. Quite rare in some parts I’ve heard.

I’ve only seen one other person with a yo-yo in the years I’ve played and it was driving back to our cabin we rented up in Springs. They were walking back to their cabin (it was an adorable little spot with mini cabins alongside each other) and were casually tossing a throw. I was so excited to see someone out and about with one. But you see, the likelihood of that on land is weird enough for me. The likelihood of that on the open sea? Awesome.