Meet another yoyoer today

Ok so i live in a city where no one knows about modern type yoyoing. And to my surprise i see this little dude yoyoing while im driving down the street. Quickly i pull over and run up to him acting like i know nothing about modern yoyoing. Then i start calling out tricks and this kid is really surprised but not as surprised as when i pulled out my yoyo and started yoyoing we chilled for like 30 min then i took off. But ya that was my fist experience meeting another yoyoer and it was cool, the end.

That’s cool man! Meeting new throwers is always awesome! Did you get his number?

It was nice meeting you man!

Lolz jk, same thing happened to me, I was in San Francisco, at the Zoo and this guy runs up to me, asks what yoyo I’m using, names the yoyo, does so sick tricks, informs me that there’s a meeting at 1:00PM at this club called “2yo” and then he takes off with his family.

Haha, the last part, haha!