Met another yoyoer!

This was awesome. So, I went bowling with my friend today, and I just decided to bring my yoyo. So we bowled for 2 hours, and at the end we still had half an hour left, so I pulled out my yoyo. I brought my yyf ONE. So I did some basic tricks like around the world and rock the baby to show my friend since those are the few basic tricks he knows. He cant do trapeze or stuff like that… So after only like a minute, an employee ran up to me and asked if that was a yoyo. I said yea, and he was telling me all about how he threw when he was little and he asked if he could try out mine. I asked him if he could play unresponsive, and he said “Yea, I can bind, do string tricks and all that.” Then I started to smile, this was the first time I met another real thrower, I’ve met others but all they could do was like walk the dog, the basics and stuff. So I let him try it out, and he was a bit rusty, he did DON, trapeze, he attempted kwyjibo. So he starts telling me abuot how he threw a few years ago but then stopped. So, this guy was pretty good. He could do cold fusion, kwyjibo, the matrix and all that back in the day but he is all rusty now and forgot how to do a lot of tricks and the names of them. So i showed him how to do the matrix and cold fusion to jog his memory, so he started to try it and he got it in a few minutes. Then he started to try to do this trick and I wasn’t sure what it was at first, cuz he was doing it wrong. I found out it was kwyjibo, so I showed him how to do it, he was really determined to relearn it, and after like 10 minutes, he got it down. He said he was going to try to find his old throw, a yyj, he forgot the name of the yoyo but it was around $40-50 he said(wasn’t a dm). So we were talking and I found out he used to use yye a few years back to learn tricks and he bought the yyj from here too. I thought it was really cool. My dad came soon after that, I wanted to stay but we had to go. He was soo happy, whenever he didn’t have customers we would talk and I would show him some tricks that he used to do. I got him to remember and do matrix, cold fusion, kwyjibo, and split the atom. It was really cool. I was really happy, I knew there that I got an old thrower back into the hobby and I just had that great feeling in my stomach. My friend said he would get a yoyo and try to start yoyoing agaiin as well… Today was a good day. I’ve never met another yoyoer before and it was awesome.


That’s awesome! I have only met one other yoyoer in my life, but I taught some other people. I would like to meet more people too!

It was amazing… He was like 20 and he stopped a few years ago cuz he was too busy but he said he would get back into the hobby. I love the fact that i brought back a young man’s happy childhood…


Good story! I’ve only met another yoyoer who I got into the hobby shortly after I started. Would love to meet someone randomly some day, though. :slight_smile:

Ive always wanted to meet another yoyoer, so I liketo throw in public a lot when i can, not manyin Virginia hough :stuck_out_tongue: