Meeting random yoyoers!

So I’ve been on vacation on California for two weeks now and today we decided to take a trip to San Francisco. While my group was walking around the pier (a local tourist attraction) I saw something orange flashing out of the corner of my eye! As it turns out, I wasn’t the only thrower there! I approached her and we immediately started talking about random yoyo stuff. I traded my Battosai for her Rockstar and threw a few tricks around. After a couple minutes we had to leave, but that moment made my whole day! So has anyone ever met another yoyoer by random occurrence? This is the first time that it’s happened to me and I wonder if it’s common. :slight_smile:

randomly a kid came into my work(Fireshouse subs, virginia) with a yyf one he had jsut got. it was his first yoyo, so I got to show him a few things when we slowed down. other than that, no.

and now i feel lonely :’(

Don’t feel lonely.

I had to teach my kids so I wouldn’t throw alone. I’d teach my dogs, but no thumbs makes it a bit hard to throw.

During lunch when I first started in March, I saw a kid yoyoing so I asked what yoyo it was and it was a DV888. That kid juggles too as I found out this school year.

Join a local yoyo club they"re really fun!

I once saw a random guy yoyoing at a christmas festivel in england.

I’ve ran into 2 different people at bars yoyoing in my city, and maybe 3 people out of town at a couple edm shows I’ve been to. I don’t think I’m very good, but was better than everybody I met, til one guy didnt have a yoyo with him and borrowed mine and totally blew me away, then he pulls out his phone and shows me the 9 modded yoyos hes got for sale at home.

Never seen anybody else throwing in my area, but I havn’t gone to the local club meeting yet. When I do throw in public people are usully quite impressed with my beginner tricks lol

I saw a kid throwing while I was walking around Boston a while back, but I didn’t have time to stop and say anything.

When I was at a swim meet one of the swimmers on the other team said she yoyoed too but didn’t have her yoyo with her. She said she couldn’t bind so she didn’t want to try my dv888. Also I go to a weekly yoyo club.

me and my friend xavier (popnfreshHDZ) were yoyoing outside our local mall and while we were just hanging out throwing. we herd hwavy footsteps and aa kid around the age of 17 ran around the corner with a huge smile and a avalanche! he said he was in starbucks and saw us threw the window! it was awesome! we are going to hang out at pnwr now.

I was at six flags for a band trip and met a dude there.

you all need to tell me when you find yourselves in SF.
Two here in a day?

: D

Never. Connecticut is boring.

I’ll be in town doing sound for a private event at the Fairmont Hotel on February 11th, but I’ll be too busy to throw at all that day. Drive in, load-in, rock it, strike it, load-out, drive 2 hours back home fueled by Gobstoppers…

As wonderful of a city as Grand Rapids is, there are very, very, few yoyoers in my area.

was at a party at my school and a couple people told me about how this guy had this really cool yoyo and i met him we yoed some i played with his cheif and he played with my with my echo so im going to see if he will trade or somthing.

Well, I’m not sure if this counts but I was at a Pokemon tournament (nerdy, I know) and I saw some guys in the back with some yoyos they were pretty cool, one of them had a Yuuksta. My friend recently found out that one of the guys was Clint Armstrong! Cool right?

No one will trade a Chief for an Echo.