Starbucks yoyo


Walked into a Starbucks and a guy working there eyeballed me yoyoing in the corner came over said he used to yoyo like 5 years ago showed me up big time but it was still really cool just to see other people enjoying yoyo around me. Kinda hoping he goes home and uses his yoyos again.


Thanks for the story. I always like reading things like this.



Yah I was pretty excited to just see another person be able to yoyo without me having to teach them and the cool thing was that he was better than me so it was really neat.


People have some crazy stories on here. An older lady (about 60) was cashing me out at Walmart, saw my protostar, and asked if I had ever thrown a ten yoyo drop bear .-. I love this world sometimes.


one time i was yo yoing at a theater festival and some guy came up and said “hey you yo yo to” and then i was like yes another yo yoer so i let him try and he was pro


Cool story!


That’s awesome! But it makes me wonder why I never find anyone who throws haha.


I was going to an angels game, and I brought a kendama and a yoyo. I was playing with the kendama and a kid walks up asking if he can try. He asks me what you do with it, and ten proceeds to drop around the world, and lighthouse. He then tells me his name is Ty, and that he is also ranked 13 in the world for yoyoing. He pulls out a freehand zero, and proceeds to do an awesome speed combo, and then I pull out my summit, and throw a branding… Needless to say, I was shocked that I met another person who yoyos, and it was cool to meet another person who shares the same hobbies.


13th in world huh? Well actually, I was throwing my yoyo round town, and a couple walks up to me and says, " you ever heard of Kyle Hedges?" I said yes, and they were like. “, he’s my son and lives in this area.” Very interesting. I’m not alone anymore!


Why doesn’t this ever happen to me! >:( ??? :-[ :-\ :’(


Since everybody is sharing stories, I’ll share mine as well.

  Not too long ago, literally as summer break started, my friends and I took a trip to San Francisco. We stopped by Japan town and next to a book store I saw a guy holding what appeared to be that generic green string that comes with most Yoyofactory yoyos. I walked up to him and found out he was a beginner and had just bought a whip. Him and his girlfriend were having trouble figuring out how to bind it. I showed him, and I was really surprised he got it within a minute of trying. I didn't want to keep my friends waiting and so I bid him goodbye. An hour later walking by the pagoda, (disc shaped building) I saw the guy walking and practicing with a fascinated look on his face. 
  We went to the pier on the same day and I wanted to check out the kite shop for yoyos. Saw a guy throwing a Level Six and walked up to him. He immediately recognized my Caribou Lodge hat and was like, "Hey!!" We talked and threw a little before I walked off.


I know what ya mean man lol


Hmmmm… I always get “Haven’t seen one of those in years?”

Mostly when I’m throwing a TMBR


Ty Goldman? The one on General Yo’s Jr. team?

(Former National 4A Champion) #16

He probably meant 13th in the nation.


Thanks everyone for telling about your experiences. I love to hear about them


meant 13th in the nation. Thanks


My parents met YoyoYakuza at a Walmart in town. They saw him throwing and asked him if he was going to Cal States (this was a week before Cal States). He said he had not heard of it because he was just starting out. My parents told him about BAC and I met him at BAC :stuck_out_tongue: