Saw another thrower!


Okay everyone might be saying so? I live in Winnipeg so I don’t see many throwers. I personally have only seen five in total now.

So I was driving to my soccer game 1 of 2 today so tired, this was at June 22nd at 3pm and I noticed this guy had a Kandama around his neck so that surprised me (Never seen anyone with one in Winnipeg) Then all of a sudden I realize he has the Hulk Smash hat from CLYW on which really surprised me and then to top it off I the noticed he had a yoyo holster with a Jack Rabbit Puffin or Chief attached to it! I didn’t actually get to talk to him since I was in a rush to my game but I thought it was really cool!

That probably was the best part of the day since we lost both our games. :-\


I’ve been yoyoing for over a year and I’ve yet to meet another thrower. I had a chance to back in May when Damafest came by, but AP exams were a priority :stuck_out_tongue:


Been throwing for nearly 7 months and Ive only met one other thrower… Nobody throws in VA :’(


Same with GA, or the American Southeast in general


I know four throwers…two of which I got into the hobby…and I have been throwing for like five months…and I live in the South…wow, I guess I am pretty lucky…oh yeah, and I might have another thrower on my hands soon…I am getting him into it also…


I know three now, one I met on here, one is a friends friend( who is sponsored by Chico yoyo company and was in the nationals!), and one guy in winco.


I feel for you guys, I know 35+ throwers




He lives in California… Makes sense…


Yup! Wierd, Recrev, Crucial, Gen-yo.


I’ve been yoyoing 2+ yrs and have never met a thrower. I’ve started teaching a couple people, but haven’t met any.


Holy! 35+?


Well, let me count, James, Ty, Sam, Big Sam, Logan, Ernie, My brother, Noah, Miguel, Anthony, another Anthony, Kevin, Alex lee, another James, Glasseye, Johnny Devale, plus like 10 people that I don’t know the names of.

(SR) #14

Gotta love DXL!

SoCal is packed with throwers.

(Alex Fairhurst) #15

I met some random guy in a guitar center once who was bustin out White Buddha variations when I let him use my Yuuksta. That’s the only random encounter I’ve had. There’s like…7 of us here in Louisville. It’s not too bad.


been throwing for like a year but and i know like umm zero other throwers.


Yeah! Oh! I forgot Ted


Not ONE where I live !!
I live in France so that explains that


chicago thrower know a good amount, but can’t name them off the top of my head


I’ve seen like 5 France throwers on the forum, and one of them owns a MIB OG Peak!