Any other isolated throwers?

I am the only adult I know that yoyos. I know no others in person.

The World Yoyo Contest just makes me feel this even more. Lots of people are there enjoying the hobby together, and I will likely never be able to attend a contest.

It’s balls, man.


Isn’t ANYC still a thing? I know they had one in 2017.

A few Australian players are youtubers and keep in touch with other Australian players too like Vu Ho and Changyu Wayne

I know it’s not ideal tho


I can’t get to ANYC. But yes, it’s a thing.


Sort of. My school has a yoyo club but i personally have no interest in joining. I saw a few of the kids in it and lets just say we dont mesh very well. Im not very good myself but am having fun learning by myself. I might attend wyyc sometime after high school just too watch haha.


Yep, us Aussie throwers are spread out pretty far and wide!

There’s the occasional meet up in Melb but it’s probably not worth the bus/flight out there just to end up feeling like a party crasher. I’ve been tempted to go to ANYC a few times but even then it seems like all the attendees already know each other.


I live in the middle of Wyoming.

Nuff said.



We are relatively close. If you ever find yourself driving through Colorado shoot me a message. There are a few of us over here in the Denver-ish area.

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I’ve gone to a couple here and kinda feel the same way. And since I’m a bit older than the average attendee it feels even more awkward lol. I decided to stay home and enjoy Worlds from the comfort of my couch instead, even though I’m only about a 4 hour drive away.


Present :raised_hand:t2:


Have you ever actually tried to find out (besides on here) if there are any? I would guess that only a tiny percent of all throwers are active on here.

I thought I was in the same boat but turns out there are like at least ) other throwers in my area and we are now trying to start a yo-yo club. If your town has its own subreddit that is a good place to start


Yea, I don’t know a single yoyoer irl. Fortunately a few of my friends think it is cool, so I can still impress them with my basic trick combos.

As for people on the forum, I forget who it was, but he lives about an hour away. Im also pretty that I could make the trip to Philly, as I think there is a club there, but I don’t really have the time to yoyo socialize, no offense.


There’s like 5-10 throwers within 45 minutes of me but we rarely schedule to meet up lmao

I should really get on that, one of them is Alex curfman, I really need a 3a buddy :thinking:


Yes, this is me. I feel it on a deeper level tho. I’m literally the only yoyoer in my entire country.


:joy::joy::joy: yeah but you’re a pinnacle of the online communities!


Bro thats my only option if i want to ever feel included in this lol


Well you’re doing a really great job man, you’re one of my favorite internet yoyo bros :+1:t2:


absolutely. i live on a friggin island. there is one yoyo club 2 hours away from me, and otherwise, nobody.


Well in Spain there are actually some yoyoers(I’ve seen them on Instagram), and nats. Unfortunately ALL I’ve seen aren’t near to where I live haha

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I live in a city that you would think would have a booming yoyo community given its size and diversity, but surprisingly it doesn’t seem to be very happenin’ here. And the occasional local meetups are at times that make it impossible for me to attend. Consequently, I rely on the Internet for community.

If it weren’t for these forums, the fine folks here, and YouTubers like @Tvelto, I would feel completely isolated and alone, and I am positive I would never have taken up throwing. But really this is not much different than any of the other niche hobbies I’ve been into, like mechanical keyboards. Though, I have to say, I’ve encountered no less than three co-workers with an interest in mech keyboards (and custom keycaps), whereas I have encountered exactly zero co-workers (or IRL acquaintances of any kind) with an interest in yoyos.


every aussie here needs to go to anyc.
even if you aren’t competing, it’s an awesome event!