I'm Not Alone!!!


I never knew anybody anywhere close to me yoyos until I met this guy at lunch at my high school. He has an aqua shutter and was doing some tricks. I was like :o
I had my yoyo in my pocket so we exchanged tricks, and just like that now I know someone who yoyos other than myself! :smiley:

Has this ever happened to anybody else?


Other than the people I introduced to it at my school, no. Just me and my dad.


One guy was with me than he quit and gave me his gnarwhal 2 and cliff. Score


I was performing at a buskers festival and I met this young ginger kid who could do some tricks, I was pretty surprised. I let him try out all my throws



but other than this no because all the other ones have been at competitions and club meetings.  :slight_smile:


Wow! That is awesome, congrats


That sounds like a fantastic experience. My brother throws a bit here and there but besides that the only time I get to see other people throw is at contests or the (very) occasional meet.

Oh to live in the USA, you guys have such a massive yoyo scene. :slight_smile:

(Owen) #8

What’s the yoyo scene over there like?


You think England is bad come to canada. EVERYONE lives in Ontario or Québec

Clubs or shop near montreal ?

If you were referring to me, then yeah it was! The best thing was he was a little bit better than me so we can (potentially) hlep each other out rather than one being superior ;D
I finally know what a Shutter throws like now, by the way. It’s pretty sweet


Yoyofactory is based here :smiley:
Theres also 3 other yoyo classes I go to
Also a great car scene…
Supercars everywhere in Scottsdale
I quite like Arizona…


So lucky!
But isn’t Arizona really dry though? I live in NC, we have everything (beaches, mountains, flat land, soil) but yoyos


Except not in Ottawa. I got one guy at work to start yoyoing and he’s relatively keen on it (though he doesn’t practice much) so at least there’s ONE person in my life I can share a bit of yoyo with.

Other than that, I’ve gone once per summer the past two years to chill with Montreal yoyoers.


I went to the Delta Fair with some buds. As we were leaving, I saw a guy with a red protostar (new dark version). I was like OMG ANOTHER YOYOER PLEASE GUYS WE HAVE A MINUTE, RIGHT!!! He stopped doing Buddah’s Revenge and stared at me as if I were insane. My friends dragged me off like No, we gotto go now. And I was about to do some speed tricks, too…(yes, I like showing off)
btw, if you know you’re that guy, PM me. African American, lives somewhere near Memphis with red protostar. All I know about you.


No one in Jersey City yoyo’s aside from my girlfriend, her brother, and I. :[[[[[

Where JERSEY AT :[


Theres a few good lakes around here, and we have a pretty nice boat, and an awesome pool, so it’s not too bad.
Scorpions are bad this time of year though, they come inside because of the storm, we’ve seen 3 in our house in the last two days.
Pretty scary things.
I havn’t been stung yet thoughKnocks on wood


Ottawa sucks for yoyoing. Whenever I yoyo in public I hope another thrower would walk up to me, but it never happens.

Like what? Do they bring them out to local tracks?


The one day it happens, it’ll be me! :wink:


You better be carrying that RSL. Very cool yoyo.


Pretty small. Our National contest had about 40-50 or so in attendance, and the likelihood of bumping into someone else yoyoing is slim-to-none. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great little community and great fun when we get together, but I remember someone on here posting that they found a Protostar on a bus once in the US… that just wouldn’t happen here.

That being said, we do have the advantage of being a small little country. I only had a 2 hour drive to get to Nats, whereas for a lot of the USA guys it would involve catching a plane or the mother of all road trips.

It seems like Canada has the worst of both worlds. Lots of land, few yoyoers. You have my sympathies. :-\