I'm Not Alone!!!

I never knew anybody anywhere close to me yoyos until I met this guy at lunch at my high school. He has an aqua shutter and was doing some tricks. I was like :o
I had my yoyo in my pocket so we exchanged tricks, and just like that now I know someone who yoyos other than myself! :smiley:

Has this ever happened to anybody else?

Other than the people I introduced to it at my school, no. Just me and my dad.

One guy was with me than he quit and gave me his gnarwhal 2 and cliff. Score

I was performing at a buskers festival and I met this young ginger kid who could do some tricks, I was pretty surprised. I let him try out all my throws


but other than this no because all the other ones have been at competitions and club meetings.  :slight_smile:

Wow! That is awesome, congrats

That sounds like a fantastic experience. My brother throws a bit here and there but besides that the only time I get to see other people throw is at contests or the (very) occasional meet.

Oh to live in the USA, you guys have such a massive yoyo scene. :slight_smile:

What’s the yoyo scene over there like?

You think England is bad come to canada. EVERYONE lives in Ontario or Québec

If you were referring to me, then yeah it was! The best thing was he was a little bit better than me so we can (potentially) hlep each other out rather than one being superior ;D
I finally know what a Shutter throws like now, by the way. It’s pretty sweet

Yoyofactory is based here :smiley:
Theres also 3 other yoyo classes I go to
Also a great car scene…
Supercars everywhere in Scottsdale
I quite like Arizona…

So lucky!
But isn’t Arizona really dry though? I live in NC, we have everything (beaches, mountains, flat land, soil) but yoyos

Except not in Ottawa. I got one guy at work to start yoyoing and he’s relatively keen on it (though he doesn’t practice much) so at least there’s ONE person in my life I can share a bit of yoyo with.

Other than that, I’ve gone once per summer the past two years to chill with Montreal yoyoers.

I went to the Delta Fair with some buds. As we were leaving, I saw a guy with a red protostar (new dark version). I was like OMG ANOTHER YOYOER PLEASE GUYS WE HAVE A MINUTE, RIGHT!!! He stopped doing Buddah’s Revenge and stared at me as if I were insane. My friends dragged me off like No, we gotto go now. And I was about to do some speed tricks, too…(yes, I like showing off)
btw, if you know you’re that guy, PM me. African American, lives somewhere near Memphis with red protostar. All I know about you.

No one in Jersey City yoyo’s aside from my girlfriend, her brother, and I. :[[[[[

Where JERSEY AT :[

Theres a few good lakes around here, and we have a pretty nice boat, and an awesome pool, so it’s not too bad.
Scorpions are bad this time of year though, they come inside because of the storm, we’ve seen 3 in our house in the last two days.
Pretty scary things.
I havn’t been stung yet thoughKnocks on wood

Ottawa sucks for yoyoing. Whenever I yoyo in public I hope another thrower would walk up to me, but it never happens.

Like what? Do they bring them out to local tracks?

The one day it happens, it’ll be me! :wink:

You better be carrying that RSL. Very cool yoyo.

Pretty small. Our National contest had about 40-50 or so in attendance, and the likelihood of bumping into someone else yoyoing is slim-to-none. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great little community and great fun when we get together, but I remember someone on here posting that they found a Protostar on a bus once in the US… that just wouldn’t happen here.

That being said, we do have the advantage of being a small little country. I only had a 2 hour drive to get to Nats, whereas for a lot of the USA guys it would involve catching a plane or the mother of all road trips.

It seems like Canada has the worst of both worlds. Lots of land, few yoyoers. You have my sympathies. :-\