richomond virginia meet up planning


any throwers live in virginia or near thats willing to meet up at dorey park richmond virginia sometime soon?? any date is good for me on a weekend


I think va states coming up soon … its in richmond.


havent heard any news about it coming up their site is still talking about last year so i might be a little late


It’s always late lol.


where can i look for info so i can plan?


on the va state website probably … once i hear something I will probably also mention it on our club page because we all plan on commuting down there.

Anyways last year it was announced about a month prior to the actual date… I think


Lets hope they make there minds up



I am willing to go to a Richmond yoyo meet.

sorry nivo, can’t make it up north for a NOVA meeting. wish i could :confused:
I am graduating this year and i might be going to college up near NOVA so we will see :wink:



I met you at Va states Johnny…hope to see you this year!


dude come to mason … Drew White goes there too!


well richmond meet still stand but not on nov 10th obviously


well this thread is still open for a meet in richmond virginia at dorey park all are welcome post if you are coming and i will make an official date