Is there anyone in the Richmond area of Virginia? I wanting to find someone who likes to yoyo alot around where I live.

I live in Midlothian Virginia (Which is like 10 Minutes away from Richmond).
Ill PM You

I sometimes hail from those parts. There are a few people around, and sometimes there are meetups at Regency Mall. There’s another forum with more updates/details but yes, there are half a dozen folks in your area :slight_smile:

I live in Unionville (Near Fredericksburg and Charlottesville). If there’s any sort of group meet I’d like to try and make it, but unfortunately it’s a bit too far to make the trip too often. Also love to hang out with any local yoyoers.

I live in Stafford and want to meet up with some yoyoers before I head off to college in January. Anyone want to meet up in Fredericksburg sometime this month?

Yo i’m in Richmond, Va

what area in Richmond?

I’m also from Richmond haha

looks like ima have to travel to find anybody…i live down in lynchburg and there seems to be absolutely no one around here

Anyone around the Richmond area there is a meet this Saturday at stony point fashion mall 12:30 to 5