richmond area virginia yoyo meet up

At 7200 Dorey Park Drive Varina, Virginia 23231
December 15 2012 its just a yoyo meet for beginers to experts where we bring yoyos spin tops all skill toys and have a fun time share and let people use your throws and use other peoples throws have a grand time. starts at 1:45 pm end at 6:30 pm
you may bring food and drinks email me at or call or text 804-972-8467



if you are coming by please notify because of the looks of it it might just be me pm or post to notify or email/text

hey bro,
sorry i can not go. my girl is leaving for germany and i will be with her all day. sorry bro. :confused: bad timing.
I also looked up where u want to meet up. that is a small ways away for me to go to meet up.

it is a bust anyway im just gonna w8 for january and whats a better area for u like any parks or malls in peticular

Hey chief! I’m out of town then too :frowning: Seems like a pretty place to have it, slightly far for most Richmonders though. In the past there have been meetups at Regency mall food court, but I’m pretty sure they kicked us out of there awhile ago, and since the meetups have kind of fizzled out to nothing. There was also a meetup around Innsbrook last year. And of course VA state that’s been at Children’s museum on broad.

Good luck getting something together, hope I can make it to one! :slight_smile:

well its this saturday and no one has confirmed so its canceled i guess and next meet will be the 22 if anyone can come its gonna be at shortpump mall subject to change to virginia center commons if weather is unfavorable