Virginia? Is it for yoyo Lovers?

I have lived in VA all my life and I am the only person within 100 miles of me that yoyo’s. Which had me thinking… Does Virginia even have yoyo contests?
I have searched and the only one I discovered was the Virginia Stale Contest and the website said nothing about upcoming contests.
I am tired of yoyoing in the shadows and I want to do more!

I have heard that they post stuff in December and it’s near Maryland if they don’t have a state yoyo contest then they will probably have the a MAR which is in Maryland. I live in Danville so getting to either one is going to be pretty tough.

VA STATES IN JANUARY IN RICHMOND. Come to our club if you are live in Northern Virginia

Where in virginia are you?

I live in Cumberland County, which is west of Powhatan.

there s a club in richmond and there is a bigger one around alexandria

That’s cool man, I have been yoyoing for a little more than a year & a half. I have learned most of my stuff myself and some basic mounts from this site and I want to find some places that work with yoyo’s nearby.

like sell yoyos? define work with yoyos for me lol

That would be cool, but I am more interested in learning new stuff, and I would be interested in contests, clubs. I did not know Virginia had a thriving yoyo community, but I am glad it does.

yeah bro. it has a great people in it, but we are all spread out. hum and we can plan a meet up :smiley:

I am just going to put this here :,41966.0.html

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