How Long Were You YoYoing When You First Competed ?!?

OK so i might go to NC states this year and im still deciding wether to compete or not . . . and i dont mean like the sports ladder i mean the freestyle

So i would like to ask your … . . how long had you been yoyoing when you first competed

Austin Peacock

Compete! It’s fun!

I have yet to compete and I’ve been yoyoing for 15 months, but then again I don’t have any contests near me. Oh well.

Same here dude no where if they do which is sort of impossible.

Yep, just have fun, I comepted when I was yoyoing for about 11 months, I was going up against epoepl who have been yoyoing for years (Paul Dang, Colin Leland, Daniel Dietz, Jensen Kimmitt, Josh Yee) and I placed 1 point below Paul, if you don’t know who that is here’s a vid:

I didn’t make it to finals, far from it actually, but I’m still happy that I placed so close to a pro.

3 Years but then again those three years weren’t very hard-working and technical.

I yoyoed for about 8 months.

My first contest was PNWR this year.
I competed in 4a and 8th (last ;D)
It was fun though

I’ve been playing 4a since last May early June
and 1a for about a year

My advice, go for it. Its fun to compete. But plan a routine ahead of time unlike me.

Two and a half years…

8 months :-\ got 11th place lol

im going to MAR as my first contest and I believe it is (not officially) May 8 and i have been yoyoing for 1 year 8 months, compete.

4 months.
just go man, and have some fun at there, and get motivated. ;D

1 year

If you’re really worried yo-yo in front of some relatives ar people at school who have never seen you yo-yo. P.S.( mabye yo-yo at a senior citizen apartment?)

Been throwing 13 months and have yet to compete. I planned on going to MD states this year, but never got solid info on it.