The most fun contest youve been to

the most fun contest I went too was the Redondo competition in 2013 we used super long string and yoyoed off a bridge not to mention I also won

Wait Paulo won right? I was there… or was that this year?

EDIT: Yeah Paulo won earlier this year. :stuck_out_tongue: Fun contest.

2013 Pa States.

2014 Georgia State Yoyo Contest. Only contest I’ve been to.

IYYC was BEAST first contest and it was amazing got to meet some amazing people

nationals 2014

worlds 2013 is a close second


05 bac. Or maybe 06 nats.

2014 NER. I made so many friends that year. Came out of my shell

The BLC contest in Hollywood. Also the only contest I’ve been to.

that year???

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WYYC 2014, EYYC 2012.

EYYC 2010

whichever contest I’m at (so far it’s only been VA states)

Oops, lol. :smiley: it will make sense in 2015.

MER 2013.