Worlds as it happens


Let’s keep this thread updated with Worlds info.

Day 3 Coverage

Live Now - AP Finals
Approx 9:50AM EST - 1A Finals

Day 2 Coverage

Day 2 Results :

4A Finals :
1st Rei Iwakura
2nd Michael Nakamura
3rd Naoto Okada

5A Finals :
1st Takeshi Matsuura
2nd Jake Elliot
3rd Sora Ishikawa

Women’s Finals:
1st Tessa Piccillo
2nd Julia Aleksandra Gutowska
3rd Corli du Toit

1A Semifinals - Finished 1A Semi Results
2A Prelims - Finished - results

1 Yasushi Furukawa 89.8
2 Shuhei Kanai 76.5
3 Tomoyuki Kaneko 75.7
4 Hiraku Fujii 73.4
5 JongKi Yoon 56.0

Day 1 Coverage

Here’s the results from the 1A wildcard (bold are through to the prelims)

1A Wildcard Results

All Prelims over, day 2 starts at 5:20AM EST on Friday with 1A Semi Finals.

Prelim results :

1A Division

3A Division
1 Minato Furuta 90.5
2 Mizuki Takimoto 84.5
3 Patrick Borgerding 81.3
4 Taiichiro Higashi 69.4
5 Donald Hodgkinson 60.1
6 Ng Wang Kit 52.5
7 Naoya Takeuchi 50.0

4A Division
1 Zac Rubino 88.4
2 Ben Conde 88.1
3 Naoto Okada 84.7
4 Tsubasa Onishi 84.0
5 Lorenzo Sabatini 81.9
6 Yuuki Uchida 75.0
7 Wu Jinnan 74.3
8 Ayumu Harada 72.9
9 Norbert Jenei 72.6

5A Division
1 Sora Ishikawa 87.2
2 Naoya Takeuchi 78.0
3 Daniel Budai 62.2
4 Chase Baxter 57.6
5 Petr Míka 54.8
6 Brian Leung Pak Wai 54.4
7 Marco Riechen 48.5
8 Matthew Gallacher 47.9

Thanks to for the results!


Looks like Ben Conde made it, happy about that.


It’s the best stream and coverage I’ve ever seen for a yo-yo event.

(Former National 4A Champion) #4

I’m bummed Elliott Ogawa had a switch. But Donald went clean, so that’s good.

Note that the live stream starts 10 minutes before the actual event.


No kidding Nathan, with the replays, interviews and multiple angles it feels like a real sporting event. So impressed with what the organizers have put together and it kind of makes you wonder about whether previous Worlds could have been presented this way with different organizers.

(Former National 4A Champion) #6

The live stream is great! But the interviews have been a little awkward when the players can’t speak english that well. I like it when it works, but I think Steve should skip a few of them.


Can’t help but chuckle at Mickey scoring a 97.4 on the wildcard. Aint nothing but a thang…


Really bummed about Elliot switching. But, has anyone’s 5a stream started yet?

(Steve Brown) #9

Yeah…it’s been a little tough. But there is almost no time, so hard to tell when someone doesn’t have much English until it’s too late.

(Former National 4A Champion) #10

I guess. What I’d like to hear during finals is the players predictions for top 3. I think that would be cool.

5A itself starts at 10:30.


Yeah there’s a few minutes of advertising before each event, not a big deal and it helps pay for the stream.

(Former National 4A Champion) #12

Do you think chase made it?


Yeah. I think Sora, Naoya, and Chase are top 3 (no order)

(Former National 4A Champion) #14

You could be right. I loved the guy from the UK though. I think he’ll make it.


Steve Brown just named new Marketing Manager for CLYW! Congrats on the new job Steve.


Can someone explain the system? Wild card, prelim, etc.

(Amplified) #17

Steve Brown how can you do so many yoyo related things at the same time?


SO when I heard they were moving it away from the USA, I was a little sad, but if this is how production is elsewhere, keep it away. This is the BEST stream ever.

(Former National 4A Champion) #19

Is Zach going to make it?


With only 25 going through it’s going to be really tough for any competitor.