The World Yo-Yo Contest 2015 Mega-Thread

Well guys, we all know what time it is. World Yo-Yo Contest time!

I figured that to make things easier, we could have a mega-thread for all things WYYC2015. Predictions, thoughts, comments on the livestream, results, new releases… you name it, let’s get it all in one place. :slight_smile:

Livestream Link:


You should already know your own time zone, but just for reference (in the picture above):

EDT - Yellow
CDT - Green
MDT - Blue
PDT - Red

Entire Day:

Saturday: 1A-5A Semi Finals + Womens Division:

EDT: 20:40 (8:40pm) Friday    -    06:00 (6:00am) Saturday
CDT: 19:40 (7:40pm) Friday    -    05:00 (5:00am) Saturday
MDT: 18:40 (6:40pm) Friday    -    04:00 (4:00am) Saturday
PDT: 17:40 (5:40pm) Friday    -    03:00 (3:00am) Saturday

Sunday: 1A-5A Finals, AP, Award Ceremony

20:20 (8:20pm) Saturday    -    06:00 (6:00am) Sunday
CDT: 19:20 (7:20pm) Saturday    -    05:00 (5:00am) Sunday
MDT: 18:20 (6:20pm) Saturday    -    04:00 (4:00am) Sunday
PDT: 17:20 (5:20pm) Saturday    -    03:00 (3:00am) Sunday

Semi Finals and Women’s Final

1A Semi Final

EDT: 00:50 (12:50am) Saturday    -    03:00 (3:00am) Saturday
CDT: 23:50 (11:50pm) Friday    -    02:00 (2:00am) Saturday
MDT: 22:50 (10:50pm) Friday    -    01:00 (1:00am) Saturday
PDT: 21:50 (9:50pm) Friday    -    00:00 (12:00am) Saturday

2A Semi Final

EDT: 03:00 (3:00am) Saturday    -    04:00 (4:00am) Saturday
CDT: 02:00 (2:00am) Saturday    -    03:00 (3:00am) Saturday
MDT: 01:00 (1:00am) Saturday    -    02:00 (2:00am) Saturday
PDT: 00:00 (12:00am) Saturday    -    01:00 (1:00am) Saturday

3A Semi Final

EDT: 23:50 (11:50pm) Friday    -    00:30 (12:30am) Saturday
CDT: 22:50 (10:50pm) Friday    -    23:30 (11:30pm) Friday
MDT: 21:50 (9:50pm) Friday    -    22:30 (10:30pm) Friday
PDT: 20:50 (8:50pm) Friday    -    21:30 (9:30pm) Friday

4A Semi Final

EDT: 21:30 (9:30pm) Friday    -    22:40 (10:40pm) Friday
CDT: 20:30 (8:30pm) Friday    -    21:40 (9:40pm) Friday
MDT: 19:30 (7:30pm) Friday    -    20:40 (8:40pm) Friday
PDT: 18:30 (6:30pm) Friday    -    19:40 (7:40pm) Friday

5A Semi Final

EDT: 22:40 (10:40pm) Friday    -    23:50 (11:50pm) Saturday
CDT: 21:40 (9:40pm) Friday    -    22:50 (10:50pm) Friday
MDT: 20:40 (8:40pm) Friday    -    21:50 (9:50pm) Friday
PDT: 19:40 (7:40pm) Friday    -    20:50 (8:50pm) Friday

Women’s Final

EDT: 05:00 (5:00am) Saturday    -    05:30 (5:30am) Saturday
CDT: 04:00 (4:00am) Saturday    -    04:30 (4:30am) Saturday
MDT: 03:00 (3:00am) Saturday    -    03:30 (3:30am) Saturday
PDT: 02:00 (2:00am) Saturday    -    02:30 (2:30am) Saturday



EDT: 02:00 (2:00am) Sunday    -    03:40 (3:40am) Sunday
CDT: 01:00 (1:00am) Sunday    -    02:40 (2:40am) Sunday
MDT: 00:00 (12:00am) Sunday    -    01:40 (1:40am) Sunday
PDT: 23:00 (11:00pm) Saturday    -    00:40 (12:40am) Sunday


EDT: 03:40 (3:40am) Sunday    -    04:30 (4:30am) Sunday
CDT: 02:40 (2:40am) Sunday    -    03:30 (3:30am) Sunday
MDT: 01:40 (1:40am) Sunday    -    02:30 (2:30am) Sunday
PDT: 00:40 (12:40am) Sunday    -    01:30 (1:30am) Sunday


EDT: 01:00 (1:00am) Sunday    -    02:00 (2:00am) Sunday
CDT: 00:00 (12:00am) Sunday    -    01:00 (1:00am) Sunday
MDT: 23:00 (11:00pm) Saturday    -    00:00 (12:00am) Sunday
PDT: 22:00 (10:00pm) Saturday    -    23:00 (11:00pm) Saturday


EDT: 21:30 (9:30pm) Saturday    -    22:40 (10:40pm) Saturday
CDT: 20:30 (8:30pm) Saturday    -    21:40 (9:40pm) Saturday
MDT: 19:30 (7:30pm) Saturday    -    20:40 (8:40pm) Saturday
PDT: 18:30 (6:30pm) Saturday    -    19:40 (7:40pm) Saturday


EDT: 22:40 (10:40pm) Saturday    -    23:30 (11:30pm) Saturday
CDT: 21:40 (9:40pm) Saturday    -    22:30 (10:30pm) Saturday
MDT: 20:40 (8:40pm) Saturday    -    21:30 (9:30pm) Saturday
PDT: 19:40 (7:40pm) Saturday    -    20:30 (8:30pm) Saturday

AP Final

EDT: 23:30 (11:30pm) Saturday    -    00:20 (12:20am) Sunday
CDT: 22:30 (10:30pm) Saturday    -    23:20 (11:20pm) Saturday
MDT: 21:30 (9:30pm) Saturday    -    22:20 (10:20pm) Saturday
PDT: 20:30 (8:30pm) Saturday    -    21:20 (9:20pm) Saturday


EDT: 05:00 (5:00am) Sunday    -    06:00 (6:00am) Sunday
CDT: 04:00 (4:00am) Sunday    -    05:00 (5:00am) Sunday
MDT: 03:00 (3:00am) Sunday    -    04:00 (4:00am) Sunday
PDT: 02:00 (2:00am) Sunday    -    03:00 (3:00am) Sunday

Now I have checked, double checked and triple checked these numbers, and I am sure that I’ve got them all correct.

However, since I’ve looked at so many numbers now I’m now cross-eyed, it would be wise to check the schedule yourself:

And check the time for a specific event you want to see yourself just to ensure the time is correct. I don’t want a tiny slip up on my part to mean someone misses something they wanted to see. :slight_smile:

Has it really been a year already?  :-X

The level of talent coming into the contest this year is insane, and no doubt the Japanese are going to be out in force.

Will Gentry Stein hold onto his title, becoming one of only 3 people to ever win Worlds 1A more than once?

… or is it time to crown a new champion?

1A - Personally, as much as I’d love to see Vashek Kroutil take the crown, I’m backing Zach Gormley for the win. I think he deserves it for the sheer visual appear and innovation of his tricks and performance style… and since every freestyle he does it even better than the last, I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us this year. :slight_smile:

That being said one can never discount that fingerspinning Mexican powerhouse Paul Kerbel. He’s always up for giving us some serious bangers and entertainment, so if he can nail a clean freestyle, this could be his year.

2A - let’s give Shu Takada the win. Dem backflips.

3A - I think Hajim Miura is a pretty safe bet.

4A - Rei Iwakura is just the king of 4A. I’ll be cheering him on with ferocity, and I’ll no doubt be smiling throughout his entire routine. The man is sheer entertainment.

5A - Takeshi Matsuura. Nuff said.

Women’s - #teammimi, but let’s be honest, Tessa is the sure favourite, and rightly so. Julia Gutowska is probably her biggest competition, but who knows, there might be some Japanese female players out there ready to step on stage and wow us all. Still… Mimi Thian for the win!

AP - Who knows. Will be interested to see what wacky acts we have this year.

Double Dragon
- There is no such division.

Best Dressed
- I’m going to guess… Mickey. I know Janos’ red shorts are a fan favourite, especially with the female audience, but I reckon Mickey is going to show up all fancy looking with his sunglasses and white gloves. Will Takeshi Matsuura go for his trademark baggy grey Tshirt? It’s anyone’s guess.

New release wise, although we’ve had some corkers from Yoyorecreation and sOMEThING, the new release I’m most excited about is the C3yoyodesign Move:

Not only does it look insane for fingerspins, but I am to understand it’s going to be reasonably priced as well! I’ve been looking for a fingerspin specific throw, but the Elysian price tag put me off a tad, so this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Can’t wait! :smiley:

I don’t know the status of the livestream, but I’d LOVE to have Steve and Rafael commentating again. I think it made the whole thing so much more entertaining to watch. :slight_smile:

So that’s my thought’s, what about yours?

Let contest season BEGIN! :smiley:

(Inb4 no replies and this thread disappears onto page 2. #foreverenthusiastic)


Great idea; this thread will be fun. I’m going to do what you did and make my predictions.

However, predictions for me are a lot harder.

1A: I would love to see Gentry take home a second title, but I would also like to see a younger player like Colin Beckford or Harrison Lee take it, but I just don’t see that coming. Now, I think the winner will be one of the following: Paul Kerbel, Zach Gormley, Gentry Stein, Takeshi Matsuura, or Janos Karancz. My pick: JANOS KARANCZ!

2A: Well, I was going to go for Takuma Yamamoto again until I realized Shu Takada would be there. He’s my pick for sure.

3A: It was nice having Hank Freeman win it every year being an American, but Hajime Miura has some sick talent and his still young. I imagine he will win it with some killer tricks.

4A: My favorite player in the 4A division (and overall, really) is Quentin Godet. He can get so fast and then those mind-blowing bangers. I imagine he will place high if he hits his tricks, but I think Rei Iwakura will win.

5A: I’m with you… TAKESHI MATSUURA for number 7!!

Women: My favorite female player is Julia Gutowska, but I think it will be between her and Tessa Piccillo.

AP: Uh… how do I even pick this? My favorite is !nMotion.

Best Dressed: … No…idea…

Personally, I just don’t care for any of the new releases coming out. I am the odd-ball here. The only yoyos I am looking for are the ART Shout, YYF Dream Ti, and YYF Dream Aluminum. I am only putting yoyos that I really want on that list (yoyos that I wouldn’t mind having are on another list), and none of these new throws make the cut.

1A: Would love to see Takeshi win. Could be Gentry, maybe Paul. I’d like to see Yamato Murata and Andrew Maider do well. Would love to see another from the NER squad make it to finals.
2A: Have no idea who’s going, so in order of who I think would win, Shinji, Takuma, Shu.
3A: Hajime’s got homefield advantage. My money’s on him.
4A: ReI or Mikenak.
5A: Takeshi.
Women’s: Tessa Piccillo.
AP: Spination.
Best Dressed: Gonna agree with Gambit and say Hiroyuki.

Like a boss.

At this rate, the ‘Best Dressed’ division is looking to overtake 1A in terms of popularity. ;D

Best dressed? Look up.

I’d love to see either Gentry Stein or Zach Gormley win worlds.

Does anybody know if YYF is doing anything like the Prague Pack at worlds? Are they releasing the mystery box at worlds?

OP updated with Livestream link and full schedule, courtest of yoyonews ;D

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People I’d like to see win are

1A: Paul Kerbal/Vashek/Gentry
2A: Shu
3A: Hank
4A: Quentin
5A: Takeshi/Severance

Tylor McCallumore and Eric Koloski will be in Tokyo repping the NER squad too! I can see either of them making finals if they go clean.

I enjoyed the live stream last year, but looking at the time difference in Japan i’m thinking I may not be able to watch much of this years unfortunately.

Alright, bias aside, predictions:

I think Gentry won’t take home it two times in a row, although it’d be cool to see; I’m personally rooting for Vashek to place in the top five at least :), but Paul Kerbel probably has it in him. I’m also guessing that a lot of Japanese players will step it up this year, just because they are in their home town. I have a feeling that Iori Yamaki might win as well.

The others I can’t really say because I haven’t watched them too much. 4A probably Rei Iwakura, and 5A Takeshi. But that’s it :slight_smile:

The stream site should have it all saved, so you can always watch it later. That’s what I did last year since I missed the actual LIVE version of it. Just make sure to avoid all social networks and yoyo websites on results day. :wink:

Not exactly the same, but you should still be able to see all of the contest if you have the time to sit down and watch it. :slight_smile:

What about Women/Best Dressed? :stuck_out_tongue:

If Vashek wins there’ll be a lot of happy people.

Who I think will win
1A Takeshi Matsuura
2A Shinji Saito
3A Hajime Miura but maybe Hank
4A Rei Iwakura
5A Takeshi Matsuura
Women Tessa Piccilo
AP Beat Point
BD Tsubasa Onishi

Some friends went there… I don’t…
rizkiyoist is sad…

That, sir, is what is known as a “string”.

My predictions:
1A: Totally Eric Koloski
2A: Connor Scholten
3A: Colin Beckford
4A: Paul Kerbel
5A: Jake Elliott
Women’s: Tessa Piccillo
AP: WHO Theatre (WHO else?)
Best dressed: Ryota Ogi as always

ok, here we go

1a: anyones game, im rooting for evan nagao, gentry, ahmad kharisma, janos, brandon vu, and jakub dekan among others

2a: SHINJI SAITO IS COMPETING. OH. MA. GAWSH. shu takada has a shot as well

3a: im rooting for patborg or hajime

4a: rei basically has the win if he goes relatively clean

5a: the winner is takeshi. lets be real :stuck_out_tongue:

ap: shaqler im rooting for them

womens: betty galegos or tessa BY FAR

best dressed: someone somewhere at sometime within someplace

Streaming info here.

Now there is 2 categories for me. One is who’ll win and one is who I want to win.

1A I know takeshi or gentry will win.

Who I want to win I think you guys should know. Ky Zizan or gentry.
Or Vashek.

2A Shu Takada or Shinji or Yamamoto will will.

I want Shu to win.

3A Hank or patrick BORGERDING will win.

I want obvio Patrick BORGERDING TO WIN.

4A Rei will win…

I want Ben Conde to win or nakamura.

5A Do you even want my answer? Lol

I want Tyler Severence or Jake to win.

AP Shaqler. Dem shu s flips.

Takeshi’s gotta win 1A! He lost last year because of a restart

I actually looked up all the scores and he restart did not change the fact that he got 2nd behind Gentry. Unless Takeshi did some serious speed at that part where he did his restart, Gentry would still have won, but barely.

time to write a script to auto refresh for draupnirs