WYYC 1a final


This year’s 1a final was so stacked that I would hate to be a judge. Watching the livestream, Most honestly did not know who would be the champ. What about you homies?

In my opinion, Zach deserved 1st place. Everything about his freestyle was so good. All those tricks were Original gansta fresher than 36 chambers my children. That was his year, and I really feel he was robbed. He didn’t have flashy shoes or fast “dubstep”, his song was really good actually. It was just pure return top.

Amen homies.

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Okay, you feel better now? This was Gentry’s time to shine. Zachs motivated maybe he can go and win next year.


Gentry’s chill, it’s all good. I just think Zach’s freestyle deserved more than 5th. Then again, 3rd place was 1.1 point away.

We out here, we good -Chuck

It’s all great for yoyo no matter the contest placings.


So, basically, you are personally insulting a Panel of World Class Yoyo Contest Judges, by even suggesting your opinion is more accurate then the very exacting scoring system they used to decide the Winner.

I find it most interesting that in the initial 11 responses to your poll… Not one of the 11 picked Zack

Opinions are like as…s; everybody has one


Ps/update… Crowd mentality; amazing how that works. I deliberately made it a point to recognize that Zack(to that point in the poll) had received ‘no’ votes. Now he has more votes than Paul and Iori combined… Lolol.


I agree , with yoyodoc here.
Also watching both their performances, I felt Zach had some really good stuff going on but a lack of execution really held him back towards the end. The difference in score could have simply been between a few missed string hits. Especially when the level of competition is so high.

Personally I think the time in Japan exposed gentry to more “Asian” style players and he clearly mixed some flowy well executed combos along with some blazing fast micky like stuff. Good executiion and varied styles won it for him to me.

But that’s just my opinion. Zach will probably win sooner than later.


Gentry deserved that win. Zach is one of my favorites though, so I hope he wins next year. What was amazing to me, is that Takeshi got second even though he had to do a restart.


In his 2011 win, Marcus Koh does a restart and switches yoyos TWICE and still wins first over a (nearly) flawless and amazing Sebby. Sebby should have won (In my opinion :wink: ).


Major deductions didn’t exist in 2011. If they did, Marcus would have dropped down to around 5th.


Oh. Thanks for telling me that. I remember watching it live and it blew my mind that he somehow won. I didn’t know those rules or that rule change. Thanks!


I’m kind of tired of all this “Zach gormley should’ve won!!!” Bs.
So much Clyw fanboys and hype are blocking your realization that if he should’ve won, he would have won.

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Just YES. People see their favorite player sponsored by their favorite company lose, and then they get all frosty. They vent about how great [insert player’s] freestyle was and how they should have placed so much higher. Then at the end of the day they realize nothing has changed. Their player still lost. The winner still won. My advice is to accept the results and root for your fav. player next year.


As much as I like Gentry, Zach should’ve place higher than fifth. Zach is miles ahead of Gentry in terms of tech but Gentry is more of a crowd pleaser.


You forgot the IMO. But seriously, look at all the categories, and you’ll see why Zach didn’t place higher. Besides, the judges said he should’ve gotten that.


Even Steve said it on the livestream, he didn’t know who was going to win. I was just saying that I thought Zach should have placed higher, it’s all good. No matter who won, this WYYC was leaps and bounds ahead of any other contest in terms of progressing the sport. Debate is natural with any sport (In Canada we have riots over hockey, google ‘Vancouver riot’ :)) and no matter who won, the winner is always the yoyo, and the exposure this contest is getting is bound to get more kids into the sport. I was super happy with this years worlds, can’t wait for Japan.


I enjoyed Zach’s freestyle, and I enjoyed Gentry’s and I can see how it won. Personally, I thought Takeshi was gonna walk away with the title, but that one restart cost him. I think if he hadn’t had that one issue, he could have taken it possibly cause I recall the results were close. regardless, I think the win was decently fair. :slight_smile:


Yeah, Takeshi lost by 1.4 points, and he lost 1 point from his restart. He probably could have made the .4 in tech during the time lost by a restart. So, one restart is difference between 300,000 views and 12,000 views.


I think Gentry deserved the win, but Zach should have placed higher. He had better stage presence than Iori and Takeshi IMO.


The only reason you like zach better is that he has better tech.


Man, you must be psychic that’s exactly what I was thinking. Jk, I found Zach’s more enjoyable to watch,and better stage presence as stated before.


Lol. than who’s? Gentry’s? I agree he had the stage presence over most people, but definitely not Gentry. Gentry had everything there.