The 2019 World Yo-Yo Contest Thread

(André Boulay) #1

The World Yo-Yo Contest is happening this year back in the US!

When: August 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th
Where: Renaissance Hotel, Cleveland, Ohio


Facebook Event:

Who is planning on going?!

You really can’t miss a chance to be at the World Yo-Yo Contest when it comes back to the USA. The venue is pretty spectacular and its 4 days of non stop throwing yo-yos with the best people.

Anyone have questions about going, competing, or anything else? Would love to see a strong contingent from the forums there!

(Nathan) #2

I’m totally going! Going to The WYYC 2019 was my sixteenth b-day present and I’m totally pumped!
Is anyone else planning on getting their trading cards signed?


I’ll be there.

(Rock Shouse) #4

I’ll be going…Aug.7-10th? I think?


See y’all there! :crazy_face:

(Alexander) #6

It would be awesome to go! There’s a small, small chance that I might be able to.


Just bought my tickets.


Will it be on ESPN?


I’ll be there. I need to get on getting a room and flight tho hah

(André Boulay) #10

Awesome - yeah this might also be a good place for people looking to split a room or something to find someone. :blush:


I might go haha. Would def be looking to split a room. And looking for local gyms in the area.

(Ken) #12

I might be going.


Are you gonna get SWOLE? :muscle:


Just cause it’s the world yoyo contest don’t mean it’s a rest day lol



  • Evan Nagao
  • Takeshi
  • Yuki
  • Shion Araya
  • N8 da Gr8
  • Gentry Stein
  • Polooooo
  • Keiran Cooper
  • Bergy
  • other

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(Victorian YoYos) #16

Many of you know I LOVE Takeshi. But judging by Evans recent videos. I don’t think anyone can pass him up anytime soon

(shubham) #17

wow great city.


I’ll be going and competing in the women’s division! :grinning:


Just booked my room! :slight_smile:

(Nathan) #20

I booked my and my Dad’s room earlier today! We’re goin’ Airbnb.