Jensen is back!


Just…wow  :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


So majestic…


I was there at his BAC performance. It was so awesome and funny!


The legend of Flowstradamus continues…

Even if Jensen is not necessarily in it to win it, I hope he keeps hitting the stage here and there, it makes things way more fun.


Wow, this could’ve been his 2a performance too…


that was hilarious! and he even had some good tricks in there as well. glad he’s still having fun.


I got excited when I saw this post, I read it fast and thought it said “Jansen is back!” I was like awww they noticed. But then I read it again and I realized it said Jensen. :smiley:

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I don’t want to be a killjoy, but think about all the people who didn’t make finals. They probably don’t think it’s that funny. I’m pretty sure the contest organizers aren’t tickled either. It kind of shows a lack of respect to the contest.


Nah. It’s yoyos. It’s not as serious as all that, Philip. You can see that after a few failed elements he knew he was out of it, and just had fun with it. I didn’t get any disrespect out of that performance.



I also find this performance disappointing. If you don’t give your best on stage, then don’t bother competing.


it’s okay to have fun on stage obviously if you are not breaking any rules. but he hasn’t competed in along time and I kind of wanted to see him try.


^ I was there, and I feel the same way. I am new to this community. So, from a new spectator point of view; it did not sit well at all.


Wasn’t he at PNWR in February? Not exactly a lot of competitions between then and now

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Contests have prelims so that they don’t use too much time with the worse performances.
If this is what Jensen did in prelims, i would be perfectly fine with it, but that’s not what he did.
In my opinion, you’re finals freestyle should be at the same level as you’re prelim.

How would you feel if someone did the same thing at worlds?
Bac is not as big, but it still is pretty big.

I’m not saying you can’t have fun on stage, just don’t take it too far.


Yeah he was at PNWR and he brought it, so to speak at multiple contests the last two years. Yoyoing is a toy. It’s a game. If you’re good enough to get into finals and want to have that kind of fun more power to him. He owes us nothing and I’m thankful to be continuously entertained by the guy. Great freestyle.




This is why I don’t quite get the clyw/jensen fandom. The guy makes a joke out of the competition and people cheer him on. Imo, unprofessional and disappointing performance.

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All the people who didnt make finals werent good enough, Jensen was good enough. He had a seed anyways, so MAYBE (just maybe) he went just to have a good time up on stage. I think it is all the more hilarious that he did this at as big a contest as he did and I think it would be even funnier if this happened at worlds.


I remember when i first started throwing Jensen was a nice, normal kid. Not sure how i feel about this weird intentionally unattractive and gross caricature he’s turned into.


It’s funny that most people who throw would say that “having fun” is one of the main reasons they throw, the core from which they started. I started because it was fun. My friends started because it was fun. It’s a pretty common reason people start. But the second they see somebody do it on stage, having fun somehow turns into a bad thing? Seriously? Jensen earned his spot in finals, let him do what he wants.