Who did you think would win the 2011 World yoyo contest?


not you

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Well, from watching the live feed, I could have swore that Sebby had it in his grips. And I still do.

That’s for sure

hiroyuki Suzuki

I thought it was going to be either Marcus Koh, or Sebby. (when i was watching the live feed)

Tbh Jensen despite the short performance (and he obviously didn’t want to win) or Luis.

jensen really disapointed me this year

yeah sebastian was really great, but i actually think the places every1 got were more or less what they should have been…

Really? o.O
I thought his performance was just amazing.

Gentry :wink:

Jack rinca

jensen kimmit

Jensen didn’t want to win. He made it a short performance purposely. Winning (and a few other things) made him go into depression last year and we didn’t hear from him for a long time. He was trying to have fun with it, and make people realize yoyoing is about doing just that, not winning contests.

Excuse my newness.

Seeing Jensen’s performance via YoYoFactory’s YouTube videos, I gotta say a few things:

1: Not being an avid follower of anyone, this is one of the few names that stick out.

2: Seeing other Jensen videos, I was at least familiar with WHO he was and what he can do. Also, how he normally holds himself.

3: What I saw was a different person, which may explain your comment about depression related issues. I won’t say exactly what I’m thinking is also involved, but let me just say it’s chemical in nature, and at the same time, I don’t think it’s “recreational” in nature either.

4: I definitely agree he wasn’t in this to win it. Not to say he couldn’t, but thanks to points and things of that nature, his performance lacked what it would have taken to bring home a win. That’s not to say I wasn’t impressed with his performance. I actually liked it more than many others. Yeah, speed is great, but slow means control. He was definitely in control.

5: Short performance: I guess the 3 minute time limit is expected to be used up for maximum points. Since he wasn’t in it to win it, why use it all up. Regardless, the ENTIRE performance, down to every last detail, complemented the music and the music complemented the performance. It almost seemed like he should have done this in the AP category. That was ART.

I also agree that yoyoing isn’t just about doing something to win contests. Fun? That’s a hard one to discuss because unless we hear it from his mouth directly(Jensen’s), we don’t know what was going through his head. I think ht was trying to make a statement. I do think he was enjoying himself though.

For yoyoing, I do it for myself and I never intend to compete or perform, but I may be doing short performances here and there but I’m never going to compete. For me, it’s tough and challenging, but that’s OK. It’ still fun. I think some of those guys take it way too seriously. But hey, if they are happy. But based on prize money, I fail to see how anyone can make a living on the contest circuit.

He said he was going to do for fun from now on since he quit yoyofactory

However I agree with everything you said. Last year he had a FLAWLESS streak of winning every contest he went to. He doesn’t have to prove anything now, so why not have fun?

I agree. Might as well have fun at this point. Of course, I’m sure he’ll show up at larger contests just to make a token showing.

At some point, I’m sure he’ll compete again, but on his terms and when he feels it’s necessary for him, probably to prove something to himself.

A lot of this stuff makes sense. He left CLYW for YYF. He then splits from YYF and is possibly back with CLYW? Not clear. Moves like that so close together in my eyes say there’s some sort of financial motivation behind it, but that may nott necessarily be true.

Maybe he needs to do something similar to what I am doing this year:

I’m no marketing guru, and as such my sound production company isn’t rising as fast as I’d like it to, but at the same time, I see plenty of others come and go while I am still plodding along. So this year I’m really not doing any marketing. I’ll let word of mouth carry me this year. Strangely, it’s working. I don’t want to be doing sound “for money”. Yes, I want to get paid, but it’s about love of the art and craft of sound production for live environments. When I start just doing this for money, it means the love is gone and it’s time for me to liquidate my assets and stop. I guess I’ll spend some of it on yoyos. I’m not refocusing, I’m just not doing something.

Similarly, maybe Jensen needs to just take a break. At least, take a break from competition and the public and needing to meet obligations of sponsors. That’s not to say he can’t remain sponsored, they just have to all agree to the terms. Doesn’t mean he has to stop throwing for a bit, just give him time to be Jensen the person instead of Jensen the yoyo competitor.

The funny thing with contests is that, well, anyone can have a bad day. Like the Olympics or other major sporting events or other competitions, sometimes people just choke at the wrong time. Stuff happens. But, it is a contest, someone has to walk away with the prize. That’s how it works. And like with award shows, where winners sometimes use their acceptance speech time to make a statement for whatever reason, Jensen took the stage and make his own statement for his own reason. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him for a long time. I do think we’ll see less of him.

What is he? 23? 24? He’s I guess old by yoyo standards so it seems, but young in regards to “the rest of his life”. Well, hopefully. Best to back off the pressure cooker and let people be. If he wants attention again, he certainly knows how to get it and where to get it from. He’s definitely smart like that.

Indeed. And he is back on CLYW now if you weren’t sure. However, I don’t think we’ll see less. Maybe not as much as last year (okay, i guess that’s less…) but certainly he’s not going to stop. I think he’ll go to every contest he can but not like last year. I think he wants to make an impact and make more people think yoyoing is for fun and if you’re in it for winning contests, why are you doing it? we’ve definitely not seen the last of Kimmitt!

Excuse me if anyone takes this offensive…but he looked to me like he was on something.IMHO.

Idk but the mods will prob bash me for this.

i honestly thought that marcus koh would win since the AP contest. i thought jensen had the best PERFORMANCE of everybody. he threw only once and then used flawless regenerations for the rest of the routine and everthing flowed so nicley, it was a true ARTISTIC performance. i enjoyed his routine the most of all. my fvorites in the contest were marcus, luis, brock, and jensen.