World yoyo contest 2011


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i dont think jk is going to worlds this year


I think yuki spencer or tyler severance wil wen this year


jensen isnt competing




He’s competing again.

(hcjesse) #7

who knows he might, he competed at cal states yesterday…


Gentry Stein.

(Brandon1) #9

Check this out:

JK might be competing, he has done this “quit yoyoing, then come back thing” alot. According to this story, I’m 90-95% sure he will pick it back up again.


I think Hiroyuki, he wins like every year, although I do have good hopes for Yuuki and Jensen since Jensen just recently came back.


There are times threading others posts will give a clue as to what going on. This case it has reinstated that Sense competed st estates Saturday. This negate his “I quit statement.”