Worlds Predictions

1a- Yuuki Spencer or John Ando
2a- Shinji Saito or Takuma Yamamoto
3a- Kentaro Kimura
4a- Lim Aik Hwee
5a- Tyler Severance

Those are who I want/ who I think will win the 2009 World Yoyo Contest.

Who do you think will win?

1A - Yuuki Spencer
2A - Shinji Saito
3A - Kentaro Kimura
4A - John Narum
5A - Tyler Severance

I have no clue but it’s funny because its Japaneze name after Japaneze name after Japaneze name and then “Tyler Severence”. Ha I just think that’s funny.

Asians are good at yoyoing? ???

1A: Hiroyuki Suzuki
2A: John Ando
3A: Kentaro Kimura
4A: Hironori Mii
5A: Jeff Coons

1A: Jensen
2A: Ando
3A: Kentaro Kimura
4A: John NARUM!!
5A: Tyler Severence

1A-Mickey or Jensen Kimmit
2A-John Ando
3A-Kentaro Kimura
4A-John Narum
5A-Tyler Severance

1a. Jensen Kimmitt, Vashek Kroutil, or Sebastian Brock.
2a. Shinji Saito needs to regain his title :slight_smile:
3a. Kentaro Kimura would be awesome
4a. Tsubasa Onishi
5a. EDIT: I want it to be Miggy :smiley:

1A: Yuuki Spencer vs. John Ando vs. Augie Fash (My fav)
2A: Shinji Saito
3A: Kentaro Kimura
4A: John Narum vs. Brian Figuroa
5A: Tyler Severance vs. Miguel Correa

Happy Throwing! =]

1a. Jensen
2a. Shinji
3a. Kentaro or Paul
4a. idk
5a. Tyler

1a: Jensen Kimmit or Yuuki Spencer
2a: I dont know about 2a much but John Ando would be cool
3a: Kentaro Kimura for sure
4a: Maybe John Narum
5a: Miguel Correa :smiley:

1a - Augie Fash
2a - Joseph Harris
3a - Kentaro Kimura
4a - Tsubasa Oonishi
5a - Tyler Severance

1A: John, Yuuki, Augie, or Jensen
2A: Shinji Saito
3A: Kentaro Kimura
4A: Bryan Figueroa
5A: Tyler Severance

To the people that put “John Ando” for 2A, he’s not competing in 2A this year.

1A: Yuuki Spencer, Hiroyuki Suzuki, or Sabastian Brock
2A: Patrick Mitchell or Joseph Harris
3A: Kentaro Kimura
4A: John Narum
5A: Tyler Severence

Looks like everyone is rooting for Kentaro :smiley:

1A: Jensen Kemmit PWNS ALL
2A: Joseph Harris
3A: ------------
4A: John Narum
5A: Tyler Severence PWNS ALL

Those are my choices. Jensen Kemmit will pwn. And don’t you forget it. :wink:

Yuuki will also pwn

1A: Yuuki Spencer
2A: Shinji Saito
3A: Kentaro Kimura
4A: Tsubasa Onishi
5A: Tyler Severance

1A:I want Augie Fash to win but I have hopes for Yuuki Spencer as well…
2A: Shinji of course!
3A: Is Hank Freeman competing this year?
4A: N/A
5A: I’d love it if Augie would compeat this year but he’ll probably do 1A again… But my vote, Tyler Severance…