Worlds 2010 Picks?

Who do you have hopes for in worlds 2010? Do you think some one else will win? (besides the person your rooting for?)

I think this will be neat, and then around June/July we will update our lists depending on how the year goes… And then see how the results turn out after worlds…

Who I WANT to win…

1A: Augie Fash
2A: Pat Mitchell
3A: Hiroki Miyamoto
4A: Ben Conde
5A: Sterling Quinn

Who I think will win.

1A: Eric Koloski… He’s getting insanely good…
2A: Shinji, I dont know, he just got skill…
3A: Hiroki…
4A: Ben Conde, All he needs is to bust out his freestyle smoothly…
5A: Sterling, Just like Eric… He’s getting better each year…

Who are your picks?

Kinda early but…

1A: Palli (Hoping he will go)
2A: John Ando
3A: Kentaro Kimura
4A: Yoshi
5A: If Juan makes it, him, but if not Miggy

Thats one of the best parts… We get to see how our picks changed over 6 months or so…

That would be awesome

Who I want to win

1a if he competes in worlds then guy wright but if not then mickey
2a Shinji saito. He is beast
3a kentaro kimura. He to is beast
4a John Narum.
5a Sterling quinn or juan if he makes it

Who I think will win

1a Eric kolowski
2a shinji because he wins every year
3a Kentaro Kimura again
4a Ben Conde
5a Sterling quinn

Who I want to win

1a. Masataka Ichimori
2a Junya Yamamoto
3a Kazuma Oono
4a Ben Conde
5a Takuma Inoue

Who I think will win

1a Jensen Kimmit
2a Shinji
3a Kentaro
4a Rei Iwakura
5a Takeshi

Who I want to Win
1A= Noel Kunz
2A= Pat Mitchell
3A= Kentaro Kimura
4A= Ben Conde
5A= Miggy

Who I think will win
1A= Jensn Kimmit
2A= Shinji Saito
3A= Kentaro Kimura
4A= Ben Conde
5A= Miggy

Don’t forget to list me for AP!

No way!! Im rooting for you JM!!! Good luck! You going to at least try a 1A freestyle?

Who I want:

1a: Tyler Severance I guess, don’t really pay attention to 1a
2a: Patrick Mitchell
3a: Kentarooooo
4a: John Narum
5a: JonRob

Who I think:

1a: I really have no idea, like I said, I don’t really know 1a
2a: Shinji Saito
3a: Kentaro Kimura (but it’ll be real close between him and Hiroki)
4a: John Narum!
5a: JONROB! (goin’ out on a limb there, I’ve seen his stuff at club, he’s getting his tricks much faster and I think he’s got a chance!) But if not, Miggy.

It is way too early to make a realistic guess but…

1A: Jensen Kimmitt - If he had a clean performance in 09 he definitely would have won

5A: Tyler - Some of his new stuff is really great and he has the ability to do it.

AP: AP is impossible to predict.

2A: Shinji
3a: Kentaro
4a: ???
5a: :wink:

I expect big things from the poster above me… in a category involving tying a little weight to the end of a string.

Oh yeah. I forgot about Miggy. He and Severance should have a good battle.

who want to win
1a hiroyuki
2a i donlt really have an idea
3a kentaro
4a ben conde
5a miggy!
Who i think will win
1a eric
2a i don’t know
3a kentaro
4a john narum 5a miggy
Good luck jm

I’m rooting for:

1A: John Ando, or Mickey.
2A: Shinjiiiiiiii!!! or Takuma Yamamo
3A: IDK, I don’t watch that category for some reason. I always miss it.
4A: Rei Iwakura
5A: Takeshi to take back a title. Also Tyler or Miggy.

Who’ll possible win:

1A: Shinya, Jensen, John, or Yuuki
2A Shinji!
3A Kentaro
4A Rei or the other guy that just won (I forgot his name)
5A Takeshi or Tyler

Can you watch the worlds on tv. ??? ??? ???

My wants…

1A: Zach Gormley
2A: Grant Johnson
3A: Not Kentaro, just to change it up, even though he rules and I love his style.
5A: Sterling Quinn or Tyler Severance

BUMP!!! Update your picks now! And then we’ll have one more bump about the week before worlds!!

1A: Augie Fash
2A: Patrick Mitchell
3A: Hiroki Miyamoto
4A: Ben Conde
5A: Sterling Quinn

Who I think will win… I think Yoyofactory will take most of them

1A: Jensen Kimmitt
2A: Pat Mitchell
3A: This is a toss up between Hiroki or Kentaro
4A: Bryan Figueroa
5A: Tyler Severance… It looks like he’s gonna pick up the title again…

Who I want to win:
1A- Paul Han or Luo Yi Cheng
2A- Pat Mitchell
3A- Kentaro Kimura
4A- Bryan Figueroa
5A- Miguel Correa
CB- Anyone but Shinji Saito. He has held it for too long. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who I think will win:
1A- John Ando
2A- Shinji Saito
3A- ??? It is a toss up between Hiroki and Kentaro.
4A- Rei Iwakura
5A- Takeshi Matsurra

1a Brad Moss. (well he is my son)
2a PM
3a Eric Tranton
4a Narum or Ben Conde
5a Miggs of course!

1a Yuuki if he tries to.
2a Shinji
3a Kentaro
4a Iwakaru
5a Miggs of course!