Who do you guys think will win worlds?


Title says it all, who do you think will win worlds? I’m gonna put my money on Gentry, he’s just getting really, really good.


Really, really intense competition this year.
Karancz Janos, i don’t have to say much about him, check out his winning EYYC performance this year to see why ;). Undoubtly the most innovative yoyoer right now
Chuck, Jensen, especially Zach and the CLYW guys as a whole is rising as one of the strongest contest team right now.
The same thing apply to the C3 team

And many more i didn’t remember.

(Jei Cheetah) #3

Probably Chia.


I really want Anthony Rojas to win, but unfortunately his style doesn’t rack up big points as much as some other players.


I forgot about Janos, I wouldn’t be surprised if he got first.


Paul kerbel or Christopher chia. It’s going to be intense, and I look forward to watching it on YouTube!


I really hope Chris Chia wins. I met him last year at a Singapore yoyo store, and he was a really cool guy, not to mention a great thrower.


I’m rooting for YYJ’s team, lately they have been doing awesome stuff.


If Yuuki’s allowed to compete, then he’ll definitely win. Then again, Karancz Janos’ style is so high-scoring


why wouldn’t he be allowed ???




zach gormley, jensen, chuck, erick koloski


I wouldn’t count Rojas out, from what I’ve heard he’s planning to put up a fight for the title!


I think it’ll be either Mickey/Christopher Chia/Marcus Koh

Personally, I’d like to see Jensen take it. :slight_smile:




Will Mickey surprise everyone and win again? :wink:

(Jei Cheetah) #17

One thing you all need to take into account is that just because a player scores well locally, doesn’t mean they will place well at worlds regardless of how good their freestyle is.
Worlds has judges from different countries, and different country judges score different.
Case in point, Japan, they judge in a different was than we do in the US. I have spoken to some players in Japan, and they say that if Gentry compete at a Japanese contest, his style would not score as high. Alternatively, the 2011 Japan nationals champion Tatsuya went to worlds with an even more flawless freestyle, but due to the mix of judges, some other Japanese and other country players with seemingly lesser of freestyles outplaced him sending Tatsuya quite a ways back.
The European scene judges a bit differently as well. Same scoring system, but each country has things that they see as worthy of point or not, and how much value at that.
I list players such as Chia and Koh, as they are players who have consistently shown high worlds placement without much fluctuation, and this means that all country judges see something in their style and point value.



Yah! Lets go Jensen! My moneys not on him, but I would love it if he won!


I can’t say who would win 1A. I think Mickey’s performance in Japan’s Nationals will say he’ll make Finals for Worlds and will place top 5 for sure, but I think that someone else is gonna take the title. Marcus Koh, while taking 2nd place in 2012 after his 2011 win proves he’s going to remain a top contender for a while. Mickey is working with Christopher Chia, who has a history of taking titles. Three strong contenders right there.

Having seen Jensen perform, I don’t think he’s quite on the same playing field as the people taking the titles recently. What I mean is that he certainly has the skill, but his style is a bit different and he’s not quite doing the speed demon string hit stuff. Then again, he may be working on something. A serious contender for sure if he really wants it.

Ah, Gentry Stein. With last year’s judging controversy, I hope those Asian judges got a stern talking to to make them figure out how to score such tricks. With his 1st place tie at BAC and his 1st place clean win at CalStates, his scores say he’s NOT quite there yet on the international scene, but he’s really close. He’s so close that probably just hammering his routine so it becomes an unconscious exercise will be the difference he needs to put him in the Top 3, if not take it all the way.

Anthony Rojas? This guy is on his own plane of performance. He’s just a joy to watch perform, constantly twisting your eyes into new directions following his work. By far, one of the more interesting players out there for sure, but I don’t think he has what the judges want to grant him the top position at Worlds. Then again, if he does some massive style changes, who knows what he’ll come up with.

What I’d like to see is Bryan Figueroa finally get that 1st place in 4A. However, the past few years, it’s those small technical mistakes that come from taking those high risks that have kept him out of taking the title. He knows what to do, he has what it takes and he CAN do it, but he hasn’t. As much as I am fan of his, I do have to say that I did agree with last year’s decision, as the 1st place was cleaner.


Well John Ando is competing again i think. Soooo that would be cool to see